Jobs for the girls!

Dublin City of Science 2012 logoInternational Women's Day logoApart from a little maths, the nearest thing to science I ever studied in school was Domestic Science. While knowing how to cook and sew is undoubtedly very useful, I am painfully aware that huge swathes of knowledge are beyond my comprehension and always will be.

There is always a chance I can answer a literature question on University Challenge, maybe even the odd music or film question, but science subjects are a complete mystery. Don't even understand the questions most of the time.

Yes, my knowledge of science is based entirely on what I have learned from watching 'The Big Bang Theory' - and while I have great sympathy for that cat in the box, I'm not sure I really get it.

Charles Dickens's 200th Birthday!

ScroogeFirst we had the 130th anniversary of the birth of James Joyce, now today, 7th February, we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the world’s other greatest novelists, Charles Dickens!

And to mark the occasion, Laurence Foster has re-created Charles Dickens’ first public performance in Ireland, and the performances (Dickens in Dublin) are taking place in a number of our branch libraries (details below - but do check with location, may well be booked out at this stage).

Graffiti - Art or Vandalism?

Graffiti posterUsing a variety of drama and visual arts programmes, young people from many areas of Dublin City will work with professional artists and writers to explore the question ‘Graffiti – Art or Vandalism?’.

This programme of activities, presented by Dublin City Public Libraries, is aimed at educating children, whilst encouraging them to comment creatively on the social conditions in which they find themselves.

Seventeen libraries will participate in this ambitious public programme throughout the Autumn / Winter of 2011 and Spring 2012, using a broad range of learning strategies to deliver this very important message.

Ceramics for the Senses

Visit  “Ceramics for the Senses”, a tactile exhibition by ceramic artist, Eleanor Swan at the Dublin City Library & Archive, 138-144 Pearse St. Dublin 2. Eleanor’s work comprises of ceramic pieces based on the portraits of Francis Bacon. They offer the opportunity to experience art through touch, and challenge our perceptions of art and how we display and experience it. These portraits can be enjoyed by everyone including blind people and people with all levels of visual capability.

iFestival at the Central Library

iFestivalThe annual iFestival will be held in the Central Library, Ilac Centre from the 10th to the 30th of June 2011. This interactive exhibition will showcase the highly innovative ICT and multimedia projects undertaken by pupils in primary and secondary schools, as well as young people from community centres in Dublin's inner city. The festival, involving the work of 800 young people, will be launched in the Central Library on Friday June 10th at 12pm.

Projects will include comic making, animation, robotic lego, podcasting, computer games and multimedia. Prizes are awarded for the best entry in each category. The projects represent the culmination of a year's work by these young pupils, their teachers and facilitators under the CLIC programme - the Computer learning in Communities programme, run by the DIT Foundation. The programme co-ordinator is Ian Roller. This initiative encourages teachers to integrate information technology into the curriculum not only to enhance their IT skills but also to make learning fun and enjoyable. Students involved have shown an improvement in attendance at school as well as increased concentration and motivation. The CLiC programme is just one aspect of the DIT Community Links programme whose main objective is to alleviate educational disadvantage and to allow individuals to reach their maximum potential.

Europa League Trophy coming to the Central Library

 Michel Platini handing over trophy to Lord Mayor of Dublin, Gerry BreenAs you probably know the UEFA Europa League Final takes place this year in the capital and so the trophy was officially handed over to the Lord Mayor of Dublin on Tuesday April 19th in a ceremony in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham. In what was the culmination of five years' planning UEFA President Michel Platini handed over the trophy to the Lord Mayor of Dublin Gerry Breen saying that it was a very good idea to have the final in Dublin. The ceremony was also attended by representatives of Club Atletico de Madrid, the first-ever UEFA Europa League champions.

Summer! What is happening in the Business Information Centre

With the Summer months drawing near, you may be wondering what workshops are taking place here in the Business Information Centre over the next few months.

For the month of April & May we are running the Start Your Own Business Lectures on Thursday evenings, from 6.30pm - 8pm, starting on 21st April and running through until the 26th May (book immediately to be guaranteed a place) and then on the 9th June we are resuming the Career Workshops.

Free! Start your own business lectures and workshops.

The Dublin City Enterprise Board in association with Dublin City Public Libraries will be running a series of free Start Your Own Business lectures from 21st April to 26th May. These lectures, six in total, will assist new and existing small business owners and managers. Topics such as Ideas Generation & Market Research, Ethnic Entrepreneurship, Marketing on a Shoestring, Financing and Planning your Business will be covered this year. Hard to imagine but this course has been running for 16 years and feedback from other years had been brilliant.