Tips for making the most of your read alouds

read aloudReading aloud to your child is one of the most powerful ways to boost your child's vocabulary and set them up for reading success. Play around with these tips and see which ones work for you and your family. You may find that your kids love silly character voices but lose interest when you ask too many questions about the book. This is just fine!  Use the tips that work for you, and come back to the others later. Enjoy your read aloud time with your little ones.

TTRS with Dublin City Libraries

logoDid you know that as a member of Dublin City Libraries, you can access the Touch-type Read & Spell (TTRS) course for free? What is TTRS and who can use it? TTRS is a multisensory, structured, online typing course which assists students to learn at their own pace.

How do they do it? Hoonuit

videoHoonuit (pronounced “Who knew it”) is the feeling you get when you learn something new. What is Hoonuit? Well, it's a an online learning resource (STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) that you can access from anywhere. All you need is your library card and pin. On your first visit, create a new account (inputting your Dublin City library membership card number) and complete registration for the 'Hoonuit on the spot training' option. You should use the same email address as for other RBdigital products.

Embroidery and the calming power of craft

craftHere’s one I made earlier... This is a project I made from a Mollie Makes magazine a few months ago. The message might have seemed a bit corny then but now I am reminded of the calming power of craft.

Very Short Introductions from Oxford University Press Online

laptopHave you ever wished to get an overview of a subject but were unsure where to start? Why not try Very Short Introductions from Oxford University Press, this collection of 600 books cover a range of subjects in the Arts, Law, Medicine, Sciences and Social Sciences from Abolitionism to Zionism and everything in between. All titles provide intelligent and serious introductions to a range of subjects, written by experts in the field who combine facts, analysis, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make challenging topics highly readable.

Get Gardening

gardeningFor the gardeners among you the extra time being spent at home is a golden opportunity to get outside more than ever and have the garden looking its best. For the rest of us, whether we have access to a garden, big or small, a balcony or a sunny windowsill we can still start growing plants and developing our green fingers.

Drawing made easy

pictureHow often have you heard it said "I couldn't draw to save my life" or '"I couldn't draw a straight line" You CAN draw! The ability to draw is a skill that anyone can learn and does not depend on talent. It is a fundamental life skill, just like reading and writing. Want to learn how to draw? Or to improve your artistic skills and discover new techniques?

More online resources to help with language learning

languagesIf you are interested in learning or improving a language (including English), our colleague Simon from Inchicore Library recently reviewed three of our excellent online resources. There are also a variety of other aids to language learning which you might not expect to find in our suite of online resources and which Simon outlines for you here.

Here is a quick refresher on Transparent Language Online, uTalk, and Road to IELTS.

Learn a new language with online resources

logoAlways wanted to learn a new language or improve your school French or German? Well, there’s no excuse now as you as you may have found yourself with time on your hands during this current pandemic, and not least because you can do it for free with some of Dublin City Libraries’ online resources – Transparent Language Online, uTalk and Road to IELTS. This blog is brought to you by our colleague Simon from Inchicore Library. Simon likes travelling and languages and is currently reading  "Milkman" by Anna Burns.

Spring into Storytime with Clarence’s Big Secret

coverFor this Spring into Storytime session we have chosen Clarence’s Big Secret written by Roy MacGregor and Christine MacGregor Cation and illustrated by Mathilde Cinq-Mars. As a young boy, Clarence didn’t go to school. Instead, he took over working in the farm after his father had an accident. He never learned to read until he was 100 years old. This book tells Clarence’s amazing true story. Celebrate Spring into Storytime with Dublin City Libraries.