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Strumpet City

Jim Larkin statueView Strumpet City Image Gallery

Strumpet City is one of the great Dublin novels. Focusing on the 1913 Lock-Out, its panoramic scope extends from the docks and slums of inner-city Dublin to the bourgeois domiciles of Kingstown. These images from the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection show the city as it was over fifty years later. Although the harrowing conditions Plunkett wrote about had largely vanished, the ‘glorified kip of a city’ he described remained recognisable throughout the twentieth century.

Freedom Of The City

Nelson MandelaView Freedom Of The City Gallery.

The Freedom of the City of Dublin is the highest civic honour bestowed by Dublin City Council. It honours the contribution made by people to Dublin or important visitors to the city. 

Since the creation of the honour, only seventy-eight people have been awarded the Freedom of the City. These chosen few are drawn from various aspects of society including the arts, politics, and sport.

In Honour of Kevin Heffernan

Kevin HeffernanIn honour of the late Dublin GAA legend Kevin Heffernan, who died on the 25th January, Dublin City Public Libraries have put the exhibition ‘The Jacks Are Back : The Dubs in the 1970s’ on display in the Dublin City Library and Archive, 138-144 Pearse, Dublin 2, until Thursday, 31st January. The exhibition celebrates the Dublin team that contested six All-Ireland Finals in a row between 1974 and 1979.

Right: Click image to view larger version.

Also worth noting is the accompanying online image gallery consisting of previously unseen photographs of the Dublin team at various Civic Receptions. These images were taken from the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection. Amongst them are a number of images (Image 005; Image 006; Image 024 and more) of Kevin Heffernan. ‘Heffo’s Army’, as the Dublin supporters became known, became famous nationwide for their passionate and vocal support of their team. Read more in the story accompanying the online image gallery and published here on our blog.

The Port of Dublin

POD007 Graving DockView Port of Dublin Image Gallery.

The River Liffey, and the port that lies at its mouth, is the commercial lifeblood of Dublin city. This image gallery celebrates the Port of Dublin and those who worked in it throughout the twentieth century. From dockers and shipwrights to barge-men and captains of industry, 'all along the riverrun' they made their livelihoods.

Viking ships sailed up the port to discharge their cargoes and steal away the plunder of the land. In the sixteenth century, vessels unloaded their goods at Merchant's Quay and Wood Quay. Dublin was given a great commercial totem in 1791 with the construction of a new Custom House building and the development of the docks. In 1867 the management of the port was put into the hands of the Dublin Port and Docks Board.

Going To The Flicks: Dublin Cinemas

Ambassador CinemaView Going to the Flicks Image Gallery

Cinema-going has always been extremely popular with Dubliners. It was the city's most famous son, James Joyce, who helped bring the exciting new art-form to Dublin when the Volta Picture Theatre opened on Mary Street in December 1909. Joyce was the Managing Director. Elsewhere the Father Mathew Hall on Church Street was attending to the city's growing appetite for 'Cinematograph and Bioscope Exhibitions'.

This image gallery pays tribute to some of the city's most notable cinemas. Many of these have sadly closed as cinemagoers now frequent multiplexes in the suburbs. We hope these images bring back happy memories of afternoons and evenings spent bewitched by the silver screen. Whether it was seeing The Lady & the Tramp in the Fairview Grand or Raiders of the Lost Ark in the Adelphi or...[substitute your own memory here]...

Short Back & Sides: Dublin's Barbers and Hairdressers

The Moorehead Barber, Moore Street, 1968This gallery celebrates Dublin's Barbers, Hairdressers, Hair Stylists and 'Artists in Male Hair'. Dubliners have always been a fashion conscious crew and we hope these images bring back happy (or maybe not so happy) memories of perms, continental styles, beehives, quiffs, and mullets.

Place Your Bets: The Bookmakers of Dublin

 Sean Graham            'Got on a lucky one, Came in eighteen to one...'

                 Shane MacGowan/Jem Finer, Fairytale of New York (1987)

View Place Your Bets Gallery

For as long as there have been sporting contests, there have been men willing to make wagers upon them. The 'Turf Accountant' or 'Bookie' is as familiar a feature of Dublin City as pubs and churches. This gallery depicts some of the places where Dubliners put their money down and wished for good fortune.

Get Stuffed: Dublin's Eatin' Houses

Bewleys‘We got the whiff of ray and chips and Mary softly sighed,
Arah John come on for ‘one and one’, Down by the Liffeyside’.
Peadar Kearney, Down By The Liffeyside

View Get Stuffed Image Gallery.

Like many major cities, Dublin has a strong association with food. From Molly Malone's 'cockles and mussels' to coddle - surely Dublin's signature dish - to the perennial Friday treat of 'one and one' (or fish and chips). This gallery celebrates some of the city's eatin' houses. We hope the chippers, cafes, and restaurants included here will bring back some happy memories.

The Gathering: Dublin Then & Now Postcards

View The Gathering Postcards

Postcard of the GPOAs part of a national public libraries initiative, in connection with The Gathering Ireland 2013, Dublin City Public Libraries have developed a series of postcards depicting scenes from the Dublin of the last fifty years with the scenes captured from the same perspective today.

Right: Sample postcard

All of the photographs used are taken from the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection.

These e-postcards are the result of this process. The postcards show familiar Dublin scenes from within our collective living memory with a present day update. It is hoped that these images will resonate with people and trigger memories and conversations among the Diaspora prompting them to return to experience the new re-vitalised Dublin of the twenty-first century.

Please consider sending these e-postcards to Dubliners living abroad, inviting them to return to Dublin in 2013 to be part of The Gathering.

Eyewitness 1916: Images From 'Dublin After The Six Days' Insurrection'

Henry Street This image gallery is composed of images taken from Dublin After The Six Days’ Insurrection (Dublin: Mecredy, Percy & Co., Ltd, 1916). The photos were taken by T.W. Murphy (also known as “The O’Tatur”), the sub-editor of The Motor News.

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The images are reproduced by kind permission of the estate of T.W. Murphy. Please read our Copyright Notice.