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Chisellers – Childhood in Dublin through the Centuries

Chisellers 001View images from the Chisellers image gallery.

This image gallery incorporates a selection of material dealing with childhood in Dublin from the 18th century onwards.  Suggestions to improve the lot of the poor by sending ten year old boys out to work are shown side by side with informal photographs of children at play. Cosy family scenes stand in harsh contrast to the images of the regimentation in 19th century care institutions.  Health, well-being and education are the main themes of the gallery, which will be of especial interest to children themselves, underpinning the social history aspect of the Primary Level School Curriculum.

Memory Lane: 'Dublin in the 'Rare Oul' Times

Moore Street StallView the Memory Lane Image Gallery.

The Digital Projects Section of Dublin City Public Libraries presented a series of events at public libraries during May 2011 as part of the Bealtaine Festival. Members of the public were invited to share their memories of the City through a selection of images from the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection. The images prompted much debate and craic among the participants and are presented here online so that all members of the public can take a ‘stroll down Memory Lane’.
Sincere thanks to all who participated!

Bargain Town: Shops and Shopping in Dublin

Meeting PlaceView the Shops and Shopping in Dublin Gallery

This gallery consists of images of shops, stalls, and markets from the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection. A few of these are still open for business but most have closed their doors. It is hoped that these images will serve as memory triggers for any Dubliner who was ever ‘sent out for the messages’.

Trading Places: Images of Commercial Dublin

Bolands MillView the Commercial Dublin Image Gallery.

This gallery consists of images of commercial premises (e.g. small businesses, factories, banks) from the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection. We hope that these images will serve as memory triggers for Dubliners who may have worked or conducted business in these ‘trading places’.

Derelict Dublin: Images of the City from 1913

Temple LaneView the Derelict Dublin Image Gallery.

"These bricks were returning once more to dust, one by one these walls would bulge outwards, crack, collapse into rubble. They were despised and uncared for, like the tenants they sheltered, who lived for the most part on bread and tea and bore children on rickety beds to grow up in the same hardship and hunger".

James Plunkett, Strumpet City (1969)

Working for the City

LamplighterThis image gallery depicts the working lives of Dublin Corporation/Dublin City Council Staff. This short selection of images show  staff at work and, also, how things have changed over the years. It reflects the challenges they encountered and the diversity of skills required by staff in the performance of their everyday duties.

Dublin Pubs

Brazen Head“Good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub”
      James Joyce, Ulysses

This gallery consists of images of Public Houses from the Dublin City Photographic Collection. Some of these pubs are still open for business but most have vanished from our streets. It is hoped that these images will serve as ‘memory triggers’ for those Dubliners who frequented them, passed them by, or avoided them.

Vanishing Dublin

Wood QuayView the 'Vanishing Dublin' Image Gallery Collection. Fifteen images displayed per page. When there, click on first image to start slideshow of images on page, then select pages 2,3, etc., and do same. Options with slideshow: pause, view image details, download original. Selecting text link beneath thumbnail in gallery links to image details. Many of the image details pages contain Google street view image of location beneath photograph for comparison with today.

'For Dublin keeps on changing, 
And nothing stays the same…' 
Pete St John, Dublin in the Rare Oul Times

Dublin Bombings of 1974

Welcome Inn, Parnell StreetThis collection of 148 images of the aftermath of the Dublin bombings of May 1974 provides a valuable source of information on the tragedy. The material is of particular relevance to second-level students studying Northern Irish history and provides the basis for original research.

On the evening of May 17th 1974 Dublin city centre was rocked by three explosions. The first, at 5.28 pm, was in Parnell Street and resulted in the death of eleven people. The second explosion, which took place almost immediately after the first, was in Talbot Street. This blast killed fourteen people. The third explosion, in South Leinster Street, which occurred just after 5.30 pm, was responsible for the death of two more.

Just before 7.00pm that evening, there was a further explosion in Monaghan Town in which seven people were killed.

Celebrating Dublin as the European Capital of Sport 2010

Carruth and McCulloughDublin City was awarded the title of European Capital of Sport 2010 by the European Capital of Sports Association (ACES). In recognition of this honour, Dublin City Public Libraries present a small selection of photos from the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection celebrating the proud sporting heritage of Dublin.

View Sports' Images from the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection.