Travel in the Time of Lockdown

holiday camperSo here we all are, at home during the COVID-19 lockdown (except for our wonderful health and other essential workers, of course)  – all immediate travel plans cancelled, summer plans doubtful or postponed, and wondering when will we ever get away again. Not being able to go, doesn’t it make the urge to travel even stronger? Well, if we can’t go in real life, at least we can travel in the imagination. Here are a number of Dublin City Libraries eResources that might help to scratch the itch.

Never Too Late to Travel!

South AmericaIt might be late-June, but it's never too late to plan a holiday abroad. Though given the weather we've been having here, why leave these sunny shores, you might wonder?! True, but many of you do and will, so as we always aim to please and anticipate your requirements here in Dublin City Public Libraries, we have compiled many travel guides that might interest you should you be so inclined.

So be it Brazil (get to the World Cup, there is still time!), Crete, Cuba, Africa, the European continent, South America, anywhere in fact, there may well be a travel guide amongst our travel guides to start you on your journey.

Thinking of a holiday?

Brief EncountersSpring is on the way! Time to shake off the winter blues and plan a holiday, as it’s one of the nicest times of year to travel. While travel guides are great for practical advice on where to stay, what to eat, and what jabs you need, travel writing brings a much more personal and human view of countries and cities. The best ones  are great for bringing to life places you might not have considered visiting, and  make you want to pack up and head off straightaway.

 Brief encounters by Edith Newman Devlin, a Dublin-born lecturer on world literature at Queen’s University Belfast, regularly organised literary-themed tours for her students to the most far-flung and unlikely places: Nepal, Syria, pre-glasnost Russia. We take travelling to these places so much for granted now that we forget how exotic and adventurous these destinations were, in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. This book goes a long way towards bringing that feeling back!

Summer Holidays!

beachGoing on Summer Holidays? Why not save yourself some spending money and pick up some travel guides at your local library. We have a wide range of up to date travel guides e.g. Lonely Planet Guides, Rough Guides and Timeout travel guides, as well as lots of info on places to go and things to see.

With Basic info such as how to get to and from the airport plus maps of the areas and recommended activities, accommodation etc. that will suit all the family, these guides are a must have for all you holiday makers looking to make the most of your stay.