Ask about Ireland, Ask about Dublin

Ask about IrelandThere is a wealth of information on the Ask about Ireland website on many aspects of Dublin, such as its history and heritage, its literature, the arts, the environment. This information was compiled and added to the Ask about Ireland website by staff of Dublin City Public Libraries, and it is as valuable a resource now as when first added. You can access here the information pertaining to Dublin City, and by clicking on and expanding the various headings, read the many and varied illustrated articles for study reasons, to satisfy an appetite for knowledge or out of mere curiosity; no matter the reason, we have no doubt you will get a great deal of pleasure in so doing.

Bridges of Dublin - New Website!

Today sees the launch of a wonderful new website on the bridges spanning the River Liffey from Lucan to the sea. Bridges of Dublin is a Dublin City Council project and was developed as a comprehensive digital archive of information about the bridges which span the Liffey in Dublin county. The project was led by the specialist web unit within Culture, Recreation and Amenity assisted by the Roads and Traffic Department.

Mellows Bridge, Dublin

The Dublin Festival of History Launched!

Dublin Festival of History 2013 Programme coverToday sees the launch of the Dublin Festival of History 2013 website and programme of events. The festival is an initiative of Dublin City Council's library and archive service, and it will run from 26th September until the 9th October.

Right: Programme cover, click to enlarge.

'Help My Kid Learn' Website

A new website for parents called Help My Kid Learn was launched recently by the Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn T.D. This simple website brings together relevant information for parents and the wider community to support children’s literacy and numeracy development.

Help My Kid Learn

Create a Digital Memory on Digital Dublin Day

Red corner shop DublinDublin Digital Day Event, Grafton Street, Friday, 8th March.

Create a digital memory, using your old photographs, on Digital Dublin Day, Friday 8th March. 

Do you have some old photographs of Dublin or Dubliners lying around at home? Perhaps a snapshot of friends meeting under Clery's Clock? Or photographs that show Dublin shops, pubs or other buildings in the background?

The National Emerging Writer Programme

National Emerging Writer Programme DVD. Photo Jason ClarkeHave you always wanted to write a book but don’t know how to start? The National Emerging Writers Programme aims to encourage new writing talent from all parts of the country by providing expert advice on DVD and online from some of Ireland's best known and internationally successful writers.

Photo: Jason Clarke

Hear Carlo Gébler discuss starting to write, Sinéad Moriarty talk about telling the story and Declan Hughes giving tips on revising, rewriting and overcoming obstacles.

The DVDs are available to borrow from Dublin City Public Libraries and libraries nationwide. The content can also be accessed online at  or on YouTube.

The Children Referendum

Referendum PostersOn Saturday, November 10th 2012, you will be asked to vote on a proposal to change the Irish Constitution. The proposed changes to the Constitution concern the rights of children. The proposal is to add a new Article 42A to the Constitution and to delete the existing Article 42.5.

Right: The posters are up! (click image to enlarge)

New Improved Version of Tell Me More

Tell me more screenA new version of Tell Me More Campus, the language learning program, has arrived here at the Open Learning Centre. This program, first introduced here in November 2008, teaches six languages through the medium of 19 interface languages. The six languages are: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch. Included in the interface languages are: Portuguese, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Chinese and Korean as well as the major Western European languages.

 Students can work on their speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar skills. This new version 10 includes 40 different types of activities to keep the student engaged and motivated. There's also a section with lessons based on Euronews videos. These contain activities based on a recent news item under the following headings; Politics, Economics, Science and Culture. There are also workshops which concentrate on a particular skill of your choice - you can choose from a range of 50 activities such as a dialogue or dubbing a film etc.

Knowledge Uncovered

Image of dvd Inside jobHave you ever wished that someone would explain exactly how the banking crises happened without having to read the small print? Your wish is granted. This award winning documentary 'Inside Job' does exactly that. It is a well paced easily accessible account, through narration and extensive interviews with financiers, ex-government staff, academics and Chinese factory workers! It won an Academy award in for Best Documentary in 2010.

Let's start joining up the dots with a podcast available on Dublin City Public Library website. This talk by Simon Carswell explains how Anglo Irish bank "broke Ireland". Another very good example is Fintan O'Toole's book, 'Ship of Fools', which is a very readable account of the the property bubble in Ireland. While looking at reviews for this book I came across a very interesting website called Irish Left Review, if you have time click on the Irish Shadow Banking System.

The Fiscal Compact Treaty

EuroEuropean UnionOn May 31st, you will be asked to vote in a referendum to decide if Ireland is to ratify the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union/TSCG, otherwise known as the Fiscal Compact Treaty or the Stability Treaty. But, if polls are to be trusted, many people  are somewhat at sea when it comes to the treaty, knowing what it is about, what a 'yes' or 'no' vote might mean, and consequently unsure as to how they themselves will vote.

So, to get you started on the path to understanding, let us point you to a few online resources that might help get you to where you need to be come polling day!