Work Matters

Remote access to business library databases

databasesUntil the temporary Covid 19 closure, the Business Library in the Central Library offered library visitors access to many valuable e-resources. Following discussions with our suppliers, library staff are now in a position to remotely access several of these databases. In the past library users undertook their own research in the library. In this new situation, detailed below, library users email questions to the business library staff who will then search the databases listed for useful answers. We are pleased to be able to restore an important part of the service we offered in the Business Library, and we will do our best to answer your queries.

Work Matters on BorrowBox

logoAt this time of economic uncertainty, maybe the best response to our fear is to take a positive step, to use this pause to take stock of our situation, improve our skills, and prepare for the challenges ahead. Work Matters is a nationwide library service that supports job seekers and entrepreneurs. As part of Work Matters, Dublin City Libraries have presented talks, provided space to work, and access to databases and book collections. While the physical Work Matters resources are currently inaccessible, there is still plenty to explore digitally.


Hoonuit LogoThe online resource we are looking at this week is Hoonuit  is a web-based repository of online, on demand, technology tutorials. It offers unlimited library member access to video-based software training on hundreds of common software applications and devices, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Docs, and iPad.