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In 2017 Dublin City Council invited the American Institute of Architects to come to Dublin with a view to providing an impetus for a new vision for the Dublin One area from O’Connell Street to Capel Street and from the Quays to Parnell Street. Following intensive workshops and discussion the Reimagining Dublin One plan was produced.

D1 Plan

Over the past 12 months DCC have been developing further the initiatives outlined and are in the process of implementing the following actions - 

Reimagining Dublin One Laneways - Dublin City Council appointed Sean Harrington Architects to develop the Dublin One Lanes Strategy. The Strategy looked at lane ways in Dublin One, categorised them, and identified actions for their improvement. The main outcome is the detailing of works for five selected laneways within the Dublin One region as pilot/demonstration projects for the improvements of lanes generally in Dublin One and of course more widely within the city centre. The actions for each lane are broken into short, medium and long term. Actions include art installations, public realm improvements, better lighting, increased security, safety, planning and development advice etc.

DCC will embark on some of the short and medium term actions in 2018 and 2019. Some will require the appointment of a design team for instance the public realm improvements at Cole’s Lane and Jervis Lane Upper, while others require the intervention of the private sector through planning etc.

D1 Lane Strategy

D1 Lanes Strategy Appendices – (Executive Report)

We are also moving forward with other initiatives as part of the implementation of the Reimagining Dublin One Plan. These include –

  • Liffey Street Improvements – DHB Architects have been appointed to lead the design team for the public realm improvements here. They are currently gathering information with the intention of submitting Part 8 application by the close of 2018. Following the receipt of part 8 planning works will begin in the spring of 2019 and take approx. 6-8 months to complete.
  • Wolfe Tone Crescent Improvements – Works to improve this vacant space at the North eastern corner of Wolfe Tone Street will begin in the coming months. The works will include the installation of a planting scheme highlighting bird and bug life in the city. It will also include the installation of a tiled wall and polished concrete floor.
  • Calling Time on Shutters – We have initiated a pilot study, using Liffey Street Upper as the sample area, to examine alternatives to the use of security shutters with business owners etc.
  • Jervis Street Upper – Blank Spaces – This is a study to look at methods of improving the blank facades along the side of Penny’s and across the road at Smith’s Toys etc, again Seán Harrington is involved here.
  • Mary’s Street Pedestrianisation Scheme – Tender documents have been issued to allow the appointment of a design team in the coming months for the pedestrianisation of Mary’s Street from its junction with Jervis Street to the junction of Capel Street. The intention would be to provide a high quality pedestrian zone that would bring footfall from Henry Street moving further east as far as Capel Street. Planning will be sought in 2019 for these works.
  • North Lotts Planning Study – We will look at proposals for the improvement of North Lotts to include the adjoining laneways. These improvements will include the upgrading of the public realm as well as looking at opportunities for new development along the Lotts as outlined in the Dublin One Strategy.

There is a significant body of work developing from the Dublin One plan which requires private sector input in terms of interventions and new developments that would in general terms meet the objectives of the above strategies. We are working closely with a range of stakeholders across all of the above projects with the intention of making a significant long term impact to improve the Dublin One area.