Response by Dublin City Council to today's Press Release by the IWMA

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Response by Dublin City Council to today’s Press Release by the IWMA

Today’s Press Release from the Irish Waste Management Association (IWMA) has incorrectly postulated that a withdrawal from the domestic waste market by South Dublin County Council, would signify the end of the line for the Poolbeg incinerator as currently planned.

The IWMA keeps wishing the Poolbeg plant away but the reality is that they have had over 10 years to put something else in place to replace it and they have failed to do so. The proof of this is that Dublin’s non recycled waste is now being landfilled in Co Cavan and Co Wicklow. Until the Poolbeg incinerator/Power Plant opens, Dublin’s waste is likely to be landfilled in counties all over Ireland, with new contracts issuing every six months.  The Poolbeg plant is needed now, more than ever.