Review of Street Performers Bye Laws by Dublin City Council

The Elected Members of Dublin City Council voted on 2nd February 2015 to make the Street Performers Bye-Laws subject to a requirement that they be reviewed after a period of six months in operation.

The first ever Street Performers Bye-Laws came into effect on 7th April 2015.   A review of their operation was carried out in October and while it is considered that the bye-laws have worked reasonably well a number of amendments are necessary to address certain weaknesses and omissions.

A report on the review of the bye-laws and the suggested amendments was presented to the Arts Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) on 9th November 2015.   Having been endorsed by this SPC the report will now be presented to the full City Council at its December meeting and this will be followed by a six week period of public consultation.

It has come to our attention that some street performers are claiming that Dublin City Council is proposing to ban busking and a large banner stating this was displayed on a city street recently. It is very disappointing that such an erroneous and misleading message is being circulated and it is necessary to reiterate that Dublin City Council’s position on street performance has not changed.  Dublin City Council has no intention whatsoever in banning busking or street performance generally.

We are committed to encouraging and preserving street performance and we recognise the vibrancy it brings to the city.   These bye-laws are essential to ensure a reasonable balance between the activity and the concerns of the business sector, residents and general public.   The proposed changes reflect issues that have arisen during the last six months and we are confident that they will strengthen the bye-laws further without introducing over-regulation.    

All interested parties will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed changes to the bye-laws during the public consultation phase.  Full details of the public consultation and the proposed amendments to the bye-laws will be published after the forthcoming Council Meeting which will be held on 7th December 2015.


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