Sabina Higgins opens ‘Punctuation’ Exhibition at Chester Beatty Library

Sabina Higgins will officially open the ‘Punctuation’ Exhibition at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle, at 10.30am today, Wednesday, 22nd February, 2017 in the presence of Deputy Lord Mayor Rebecca Moynihan.

‘Punctuation’ is an exhibition of work created by the artists and storytellers of F2 Women’s Group in Rialto and the Islamic Foundation of Ireland’s Amal Women’s Group from the South Circular Road area of Dublin 8. The work explores the definition of community and breaking down cultural barriers.This Exhibition forms part of Dublin City Council’s ‘Dublin Culture Connects’ initiative. It will run at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle, until Monday 17th April, 2017 and admission is free.

Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Rebecca Moynihan said “The purpose of the Dublin’s Culture Connects initiative is to bring diverse communities together using culture as a unifying element.  Dublin City Council is very proud of leading this initiative in the city.  The ‘Punctuation’ Exhibition is just some of the work from one of the many projects which perfectly represent that concept of connection and the need for it.  We have great plans into the future to keep working in partnership with community, locally through culture and our own institutions and welcome all communities in the city to be involved.”

“Dublin’s Culture Connects and its projects began the implementation of Dublin City Council’s Cultural Strategy.  It’s spirit of partnership and connections across the city highlight Dublin’s enormous cultural strength, ambition and energy, and helps us to see the aspects of our work where culture can make a significant contribution”, added Chief Executive, Dublin City Council, Owen Keegan.

The groups worked tirelessly over a number of months with artist Helen Barry, storyteller Xanthe Gresham and documentary maker, Hanan Dirya.  The work has resulted in an exhibition comprising cultural tea cups with text that highlight what both community and culture mean to the women.  Included in the exhibition is an 8 foot embroidery Batik containing the 99 names of Allah. Display cases will show the artefacts of the project that track the progression of the connections created by the women: thread, fabric scraps, pins and an hourglass, amongst various other objects.  ‘Punctuation’ also includes a film about the connections between the two groups of women working to make their neighbourhood a more open and welcoming place.

Artist Helen Barry commented: “The theme of ‘Punctuation’ is ‘pause for breath, pause for thought, pause for tea’.  It was a fantastic experience working with these two groups of women to explore what community and culture means to both and to help them to share their similarities and discover what defines them through the mediums of art, film and storytelling”.

Dublin’s Culture Connects, for the first time, brings together Dublin City Council’s arts, cultural and community resources in partnership with all eight National Cultural Institutions located in Dublin. For the project, each of the Council’s five administrative areas, through the Area Offices, has partnered with specific national cultural institutions, supported by Dublin Public Libraries, Dublin City Arts Office, and Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane. The South Central Area is partnered with the Chester Beatty Library and the National Concert Hall.


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Notes to the Editor
About Dublin’s Culture Connects
Dublin City Council has positioned culture centrally within its corporate policy.  In doing so, the Council is recognising the role culture has in all aspects of city life including the economy, education, tourism and community. This new emphasis on culture has its roots in Dublin City Council’s bid for the European Capital of Culture 2020.  While not shortlisted for the bid, the widespread public engagement process in developing the bid highlighted to the Council that Dublin has great cultural strength, ambition and energy waiting to be tapped. This energy propelled the Council into developing and publishing a new culture strategy for the city. This built on the values set out in the bid for the Capital of Culture, and contains commitments to implement a series of programmes that are ambitious in seeking social changes through culture, new relationships and partnerships.

  • Dublin’s Culture Connects comprises:
  • The National Neighbourhood
  • Cultural Audit
  • Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin
  • EU Lab

The National Neighbourhood scheme has six projects:

  • The North West Area: Press Play, in partnership with the Abbey Theatre and the National Museum of Ireland.
  • The North Central Area: It Takes a Village, in partnership with the Irish Museum of Modern Art.
  • The Central Area: Around the Table, in partnership with the National Library of Ireland.
  • South Central Area: (Y)our Story, in partnership with the National Concert Hall and the Chester Beatty Library.
  • South East Area: ALIGHT!, in partnership with CoisCéim BROADREACH, and Ships Passing in the Night, both in partnership with Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and the National Gallery of Ireland.
  • A Cross City project: Out of the Box, which takes place in partnership with the National Archives of Ireland.