Severe cold weather: Advice for tenants

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Severe cold weather as forecast can cause many problems. One of the most likely problems  is water  pipes bursting in attics and causing damaging leaks as a result of low temperatures.

Dublin City Council has the following advice for its tenants:

  • Locate the stop cock in your home, normally located under the kitchen sink. Don’t turn this off but make sure you can if you need to later
  • If a pipe bursts in your attic, turn the stop cock off immediately
  • Turn your heating off immediately
  • Drain the cold water pipe work by turning on all cold taps and flushing all your toilets.
  • Drain the hot water  pipe work by turning on all hot taps.
  • Please ensure the stopper is removed before running water into sinks and baths
  • Report the leak to Dublin City Council Customer Services on 222 2222