Share with Care

Dublin City Council’s new “Share with Care” Signage Launched

Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr. Tom Brabazon recently launched the new “Share with Care” (“Roinn le Curaim”) signage in Fairview Park.  This initiative will promote responsible behaviour and respect between pedestrians and cyclists and if successful will be extended to other parks in the city.

Leslie Moore, Head of Parks Service in Dublin City Council, said, “The new signage is being trialled in Fairview Park this autumn in order to assess public reaction to the message which seeks to reduce the potential for incidents or collisions between park users. We hope that this initiative will facilitate a more communal sharing of some of the wider pavements through parks which are marked as greenways.”

Shared pathways (greenways) are designed for all users including pedestrians, wheelchair users and cyclists to help make journeys through parks safer and more pleasant for all. In early 2019 Fairview Park was chosen for this trial because it had been the location for reports of near collisions between cyclists and pedestrians which subsequently led to the diversion of cyclists.