Social Enterprise Grant Award Scheme

On Wednesday 21st October, Councillor Daithí Doolan deputising for An tArdmhéara, Críona Ní Dhálaigh and Minister of State for Rural Economic Development and  Social Enterprise, Ann Phelan TD, will present Social Enterprise Grants to each of the four winners. This is the first Social Enterprise Award ceremony and will take place at Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council, Civic Offices Dublin 8 at 10.30am. Also attending will be Greg Swift, Head of Local Enterprise, Dublin City and Evanne Kilmurray, Chief Executive Officer, Inner City Enterprise.

The Social Enterprise Grant Scheme was established  to raise awareness, promote and reward the important work being done by Social Entrepreneurs.  The Inner City Enterprise, (ICE) formed a partnership with the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Dublin City, the Irish Social Enterprise Network (ISNE), the Carmichael Centre and Dublin City University to promote practical business supports to social enterprises in Dublin city

“It is vitally important that we showcase the significant contribution made by social enterprise. Social enterprise can play an essential part in any future economic recovery. The award will allow the enterprises to develop their plans which in turn will bring benefits to the local community”, said Councillor Daithí Doolan

Minister Phelan praised the important work done stating “social enterprises have their roots in local and community development going right back to the early development of the co-operative movement providing jobs in the local community for those most marginalised”.

According to Evanne Kilmurray, Chief Executive Officer, ICE,  “The rationale for getting the Scheme off the ground in the first place was that ICE and LEO felt that there was a gap in the market regarding the accessing of very small flexible grants that would kick-start some social enterprises in Dublin City The Launch of the Social Enterprise Grant Scheme this week-through the four Awardees-is about highlighting the practical way that small grants and mentoring can make that vital difference. The fostering and developing of a diverse range of social enterprises in the City will play a key role in rejuvenating many of the local communities and have long lasting impacts in terms of job creation and provision of real social services”.

Greg Swift, Head of Local Enterprise Office said, “Social Enterprise is the up and coming way to give ownership back to a community by delivering much needed local services in an efficient manner using self sustaining enterprises. The Enterprise Awards are an opportunity to showcase what Social Enterprise looks like in our communities. The four awardees are brought to life through a series of short videos that animate what Social Enterprise can do for the local community including providing a service and local employment”.

This Award ceremony will highlight four companies - Dome Grown, Eco Mattress Recycling, Walkinstown Green Social Enterprise and Thriftify that were selected as winners by the ICE Evaluation Committee.


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Notes to the Editor:

Dome Grown

Dome Grown, a new social enterprise working with local communities to operate intensive greenhouses, or grow domes, and locating them in community gardens or on currently derelict land.  Employing many cutting edge ecological practices –including off-grid hydroponics and solar electrical generation – they produce food, energy and jobs sustainably as well as facilitate community groups with a place to hold classes, homework clubs, men’s shed meetings, theatre, music and arts events etc., all under one roof.

Eco Mattress Recycling

Eco Mattress, a social enterprise set up with the objectives of offering hands on work experience for people on back to work programme, creating sustainable employment and creating a viable alternative to landfill for mattress waste.

Walkinstown Green Social Enterprises

Walkinstown Green Social Enterprises, which includes The Green Kitchen Café and The Green Garden Centre, aims to provide employment and training opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities and for other people not in employment, education or training who are living in Walkinstown and the surrounding area.


Thriftify helps charity shops to make more money by supplying them with a simple software solution to sell their second hand books online.  They have been running a test-trading trial in partnership with NCBI each week to collect approximately 200 books that were destined to be shredded and they put them up for sale on line.  To date 1,366 books have been processed with a gross sale value of €2,154 which is far above the value they would have achieved as recycled paper.