Social Inclusion

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Dublin City Council Social Inclusion Section

Set up in early 2000, Dublin City Council’s Social Inclusion Section is committed to social inclusion. The Section continues to work actively in the development and promotion of social inclusion initiatives, events, projects and programmes throughout Dublin city. The work of the Social Inclusion Sectionis guided by Dublin City Council’s Corporate Plan 2015-2019.

Aims of the Social Inclusion Section include:

  • Highlighting the positive work that Dublin City Council and other agencies are involved in to reduce social exclusion and poverty.
  • To promote an understanding of inclusion in Dublin City.
  • To celebrate diversity across the city.

The Social Inclusion Section works closely and in partnership with:

  • Community and voluntary groups
  • Non-government organisations
  • State agencies and social partners

Some of the work of the Social Inclusion Section can be seen by the following actions:

  • Diverse community initiatives
  • Social inclusion magazine
  • Social inclusion week

Dublin, A Welcoming City
Baile Átha Cliath, Cathair Fháilteach

Celebrating Diversity in our City

This is a month long calendar of a diverse range of events promoting social inclusion in the city, recognising issues such as cultural diversity, people with disabilities, homelessness, civic participation, older adults, youth, LGBT, mental health, human rights and much more.

Read the Press Release

The aim of these celebrations is to raise awareness of both social inclusion and exclusion and to bring about awareness on how we can all work to make our city a fairer, more equitable and inclusive place where everyone has a voice  and  highlight the City Council’s role in reducing exclusion and promoting community involvement.

Social Inclusion Celebrations Calendars


Intercultural Language service logoRTE 1 interview with Dr Peter Sheekey, ESOL Learning Coordinator, Dublin City Intercultural Language Service,  hosted by Dublin City Council’s Ballybough Community Centre.

Please click here to listen to the interview


Dublin City Interfaith Charter

The Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr launched the newly adopted Charter of the Dublin City Interfaith Forum on 20th December, 2016.

The Charter has been agreed and signed by representatives of the Dublin City Interfaith Forum and deals with issues including religious freedom, inter-faith dialogue and the promotion of religious diversity in the city. Please click here to read the Dublin City Interfaith Charter.

Please click here to view the Youtube video.

Archbishop and Lord Mayor of Dublin Visit Jerusalem (links to the website)

Dublin City Council Integration Strategy 2016-2020

We are pleased to circulate the Dublin City Council Integration Strategy 2016-2020. This strategy sets out how we intend to meet the integration needs of the City over the next five years. We have achieved significant progress through our previous strategy and look forward to building on over the lifetime of this plan.

The publication of this strategy is timely in regard to meeting the challenges of migration, and the recent introduction of a public sector equality and human rights duty.
Social Inclusion shall take the lead with this strategy, while exploring opportunities for working on the many multi-agency initiatives with our partners. We will endeavour to co-ordinate the actions necessary to deliver an inclusive and intercultural City, where all citizens are valued equally.

For more information on Social Inclusion at Dublin City Council,
please contact:
Telephone: 01 222 3192