Social Inclusion

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Dublin City Council Social Inclusion Unit

Set up in early 2000, Dublin City Council’s Social Inclusion Section works actively in the development and promotion of social inclusion initiatives, events, projects and programmes throughout Dublin City. The work of the Social Inclusion Section is guided by Dublin City Council’s Corporate Plan 2015-2019.

Aims of the Social Inclusion Section include:

  • Highlighting the positive work that Dublin City Council and other agencies are involved in to reduce social exclusion and poverty.
  • Promoting an understanding of inclusion in Dublin City.
  • Celebrating diversity across the city.

The Social Inclusion Section works closely and in partnership with:

  • Community and voluntary groups.
  • Non-government organisations.
  • State agencies and social partners.
  • Dublin City Public Participation Network.
  • Other DCC departments and Sections, including:
    • Sports and wellbeing partnership.
    • Community Sections in the Areas.
    • Libraries.

Some of the work of the Social Inclusion Section can be seen by the following actions:

  • Diverse community initiatives.
  • Social inclusion week.


Social Inclusion Celebrations Calendars

Dublin City Council Integration Strategy 2016-2020

For more information on Social Inclusion at Dublin City Council, please contact:  ph. 2223636