St. James Gate: Plans for a World Class Urban Quarter

Dublin City Council welcomes the announcement by Diageo of its plans to transform 5ha of its St. James Gate site into a new dynamic mixed use urban quarter, which will provide for residential, commercial and entrepreneurial space.
The City Council’s Chief Executive Owen Keegan said “the plans are a major step in the rejuvenation of the Liberties area in accordance with the vision and objectives set out in both the recently approved City Development Plan and the Liberties Local Area Plan.”
The Area is identified as a Strategic Development and Regeneration Area by the City Council to stimulate the local economy and provide synergies with other regeneration drivers such as the new National Children’s Hospital / St. James campus and the Digital Hub, while ensuring that the distinctive heritage of the area is protected and enhanced.
The City Council is also strongly supportive of the strategy to open up new streets and provide for a variety of homes which will augment the unique Dublin character of the area and strengthen community identity.
Furthermore the area, south of James Street presents an excellent opportunity to integrate historic fabric with high quality new buildings and urban spaces with sustainable connectivity to the rest of the city.
Owen Keegan added that “the City Council looks forward to working closely with Diageo in developing and realising the shared vision for this iconic area of Dublin City, including consultation with all stakeholders.”