Statement from the Lord Mayor of Dublin

These are extraordinary times for Dublin, Dubliners and all of us who live on the island of Ireland and beyond.

Measures introduced by the caretaker government in the light of the suffering of thousands of our fellow human beings around the world are right.

We know our citizens with underlying illnesses are most at risk.   We know that our children are least at risk.   We also know that our children are least at risk but can carry the virus to the “at risk” category.

By closing down services such as schools, libraries etc. we seek to manage this crisis as best we can.

By reducing unnecessary interaction, keeping the social distance and complying with handwashing and sanitisation we seek to prevent the spread of the virus.

By doing the right thing we can, and will, save countless lives.   If we do not do the right thing, we will do the opposite.

I know that today many of Dublin’s citizens have expressed fear to me regarding the potential role of the Defence forces and I have endeavoured to allay those fears.   I want to assure all that the role of the Defence Forces is purely humanitarian and as an aid to the civil authorities.   They will add welcome critical numbers to the front line efforts at helping to contain and treat the virus.

In this context I am retweeting a message from the Chief of Staff of the Defence forces setting out their role to allay any such fears.

I also want to take this opportunity to ask Dubliners to look out for their neighbours. This means not only to contact elderly neighbours to see if they are alright but also to see if they have enough food and other essentials at home and if not to assist them with shopping.

I also am calling on all Dubliners to buy only what you need.   I am assured that we have sufficient food stuffs and staples in stock to get us through this difficult and unprecedented time in our history. There is no need for panic purchasing.

I want to thank all of  the staff of Dublin City Council who are managing this situation hour by hour and at the same time trying to balance, insofar as possible, continuity of services.   I want to thank  Dublin Fire Brigade, National Ambulance Service,  An Garda Síochána, all healthcare workers, the HSE  and in particular Dr Tony Holohan for their continuous advice, assistance and hard work on the front line.

Let us pull together, listen to the advice of Dr Holohan and his colleagues in the Department of Health. Let us look out for each other and when we do I have no doubt that as a community, and as a City, we will come through this test where we can look forward to the return of normality and stability.

Keep safe. Keep well.

Lord Mayor Tom Brabazon