Statement re All Ireland Men's Senior Football Final match screening in Smithfield

There have been confusing reports in the media regarding whether or not Dublin City Council will arrange for the All Ireland Men’s Senior Football Final to be shown on a big screen in Smithfield.

The factual situation is that it will not be shown. Responses to journalists last week indicated that this was the case and this haven’t changed . A misunderstanding occurred at Tuesday's Central Area Committee Meeting that the decision not to screen the match in Smithfield was based solely on cost. While cost is a factor, it was not the deciding one. It should be noted that a big screen was in place for the 2015 and 2016 finals and both events was very poorly attended, albeit as a result of bad weather.

The primary reason, however, is the fact that a large event will take place in Smithfield on the preceding day (16th Sept) and a potential homecoming event would take place on the following day (18th Sept) should Dublin be victorious. To organise three large events in a row, with separate build and take down requirements, is considered an unfair imposition on residents in the area.

We apologise for any confusion that may have arisen and wish the Dubs all the best on Sunday and Sunday week.