Statement from an tArdmhéara Críona Ní Dhálaigh regarding Moore Street Battlefield Site

The centenary of 1916 has stimulated an extraordinary engagement by the citizens of Dublin in commemorating and celebrating their shared history and culture. The upsurge in interest in the events of that pivotal period has been truly remarkable. The pride that Dubliners have for their city was clearly evident.

As the commemorations unfolded, the High Court delivered a momentous decision. The Court ruled that the Moore Street Battlefield Site constitutes a National Monument. The Moore Street Battlefield Site moves centre-stage as an area of historic and cultural importance; a focal point for the rejuvenation of this area of our city. As Ardmhéara, I sincerely hope the Minister does not appeal the decision.

As Ardmhéara, I have assembled a working group to prepare a visionary redevelopment plan for this precinct of our city. It is expected that the plan, which is being formulated under the guidance of the Lord Mayor’s Forum on Moore Street, will be ready before I depart from office in June.

I seek the support and encouragement of all Dubliners in preparing this plan. We have a fine city; but many of us have observed with dismay as parts of the city have fallen victim to decay and urban blight.

It is my fervent wish that the appropriate regeneration of the Moore Street area will lead the way in the further rejuvenation of North Inner City Dublin.

13th May, 2016.