Baby and Toddlers Love Stories!

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ElephantLast Tuesday, Maria introduced the Baby Book Club to a beautiful series of books entitled ‘That’s Not My...’.  The publisher, Usborne, produces a variety of colourful board books aimed at very young children.  We read That’s Not my Elephant from this series.  Each page of this book contains bright pictures and patches with different textures.  The book series is designed to develop sensory and language awareness.  It’s perfect for reading to babies and toddlers when you’re at home, out and about and at bedtime.  We will be covering many books from this series over the coming weeks. We also practised wiggling our fingers and touching our toes to the rhyme ‘An Elephant’.

Counting: Tales from Acorn WoodNext Tuesday 6 December, we will be having fun with numbers and counting using the book Counting from the book series Tales from Acorn Wood by author, Julia Donaldson and illustrator, Axel Scheffler.  Maria will teach a new rhyme entitled ‘I Can Count’ to complement the story.

Remember, you can count with your child anywhere, anytime by

  1.  Counting food
  2. Climbing stairs
  3. When your child is swinging in the park
  4. How many books you borrow from the Library!

Toddler Book Club

Help! The Wolf is Coming!Our book choice for last week was Help! The Wolf is Coming!.  The story is about a scary-looking wolf that is coming to get the reader.  The toddlers were  super at helping Maria make the wolf go away while she read the book.  This is a really funny tale that both parents and children are sure to enjoy!  The reader uses the book as a prop and has to turn it, shake it and turn it upside down to get rid of the nasty wolf.  It’s a lot of work!! 

Lulu Loves StoriesThings will be a bit calmer next week as we will read Lulu Loves Stories by Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw.  This is a beautiful story about the fun Lulu experiences picking out different stories when she visits the Library.  We hope you enjoy it too!!! 

See you next week.  New members welcome!!

P.S. Check out some of the other books read by Ballymun Library Baby and Toddler Book Club.

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