Books that tell a different story!

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sculpturesWe have a wonderful exhibition in our Central Library this month of sculptures made out of damaged books that had been discarded. The items in the exhibition are by students involved in the Junior Certificate School Programme (JCSP), a programme that builds on their basic skills of literacy and numeracy and their personal and social skills.

We've had a very positive response to the exhibition so we thought we would share a little of it by way of some photos and comments received. We must congratulate the students for the hard work they put in to creating the variety of sculptures and other material in the exhibition.

Some of the comments received:-

"I am amazed by the creativity of these artists, it's very impressive, very talented people"

"very inventive, great to see such imaginative works"

"excellent display, very artistic and creative"

"Fantastic! More please! I have no problem using old books for this. They are still books but now telling a different story!"

"Isn't it fabulous what the creative mind can do when it is allowed to shine? Well done everyone."

"Next time I hear someone complain about teenagers I will direct them to this exhibit! It should go on tour."

View the photos on flickr.

Be sure to drop in to the Central Library, Ilac Centre, this month to view the exhibition!

What is the JCSP?

The Junior Certificate School Programme is a national programme sponsored by the Department of Education and Skills and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. It originated in the early school leavers’ programmes initiated by  the Curriculum Development Unit. Currently the programme is operating in 226 schools throughout the country. It is a social inclusion programme that is aimed at students who are identified as being at risk of being socially or academically isolated or at risk of early school leaving before the Junior Certificate has been achieved. (Source)

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