Building self-esteem with books

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PeekabooFor the last couple of weeks, Ballymun Baby Book Club has enjoyed reading books that incorporate the game ‘Peekaboo’.  Last Tuesday’s book choice was ‘Peekaboo! In the Jungle’.  This book contains a lift-the-flap feature on each page that allows babies to learn about jungle animals whilst playing the game Peekaboo. We did a funny action rhyme with the babies entitled ‘Peekaboo! I See You!’.  More examples of books like this include ‘Who’s On the Farm?’ by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, ‘Baby Goz’ by Steve Weatherill and ‘Peekaboo! In the Ocean’ which we read last week.  You’ll find these books and lots more available in your local public library.

Who's on the farm?Baby GozPeekaboo in the OceanThis is me, eating!

Next Tuesday’s book choice will celebrate the fun (and mess!) babies create with food.  ‘This is me, EATING!’ by Neal Layton is perfect reading material for parents/minders to teach their babies about learning to eat solid foods.  

Toddler Book Club

Giraffes can't danceBuilding self-esteem and confidence were the themes of our last Toddler Book Club session.  We read ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees.  This story is about a giraffe named Gerald.  Gerald really wants to join his other animal friends at the jungle dance but feels he can’t dance as well as they do.  The story is all about Gerald’s journey towards embracing and celebrating his differences.  By feeling better about himself, he gains acceptance from his friends.  ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ is a very entertaining story for a parent/minder to read.  The story also educates your child how to develop healthy emotional awareness and social bonds with other people.  Maria Sheahan (Book Club Facilitator) taught the grown-ups a very simple song called ‘You Are Special’ that they can sing to their little ones at any time of the day.

Cá bhfuil Riley?Our next book choice showcases the availability of books for little ones in different languages.  Studies show that the sooner you expose your child to other languages, the better as it develops their cognitive capacity.  Small children are particularly clever at mimicking sounds so this book type is perfect for toddlers. 

Ciara Ní Dhuinn has written a few books that teach simple phrases to young children in Irish, English, French and Spanish.  Her books include ‘Is Maith Liom’ and ‘Conas tá tú?’.  We will cover ‘Cá bhfuil Riley?’ this week.   Maria will teach the group a very simple Irish song to complement the book.

See you all on Tuesday!

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