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Best loved classics donated to Central Library World Books Collection

The Bulgarian Ambassador Mr. Emil Yalnazov donated a selection of Bulgarian masterpieces of literature to the Lord Mayor of Dublin at a ceremony at the Central Library in February 2010.

These works were voted as Bulgaria’s favourite books in the Big Read Bulgaria nationwide poll participated in by over one third of the population that was organized by Bulgarian National Television in association with the BBC. Voting took place online, by text, telephone and traditional post.

The books are part of the World Books collection of the Central Library for the use of all the friends of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian community in Ireland.

The books as voted in descending order are:

Under the Yoke by Ivan Vazov
Considered the most influential and most prolific Bulgarian author Ivan Vazov is called the patriarch of Bulgarian literature. This depiction of the revival of national consciousness under Ottoman rule and the preparations for the April Uprising in 1876 is widely considered to be the greatest Bulgarian novel of all time.

Vreme Razdelno (Time of Violence) by Anton Donchev
The novel dwells on the forceful conversion of Bulgarian Christians to Islam in the Rhodope Mountains during the 16th and 17th centuries. It is a tragic poetic fable raising questions about faith, values, identity and the impact on humanity when we have to choose between honour, obedience and survival.

Osadeni Dushi (Doomed Souls) by Dimitar Dimov
One of the most popular Bulgarian novels to appear in translation this work explores how a clash of religions and cultures can lay the foundation for self-destruction. The story is focused on a Spanish Jesuit and an English aristocrat in a passionate but doomed relationship set against the background of the Spanish Civil War.

Tyutyun (Tobacco) Volumes 1 and 2 by Dimitar Dimov
This two-volume novel depicts the social and political antagonisms between different social groups in Bulgaria from the early nineteen thirties to the end of the Second World War. It is told from the point of view of a tobacco factory owner's trophy wife who struggles to relate to her husband and the society in which his interests are based.

Zheleznia svetilnik (Metal Candlestick) by Dimitar Talev
The first part of a 4-volume series, this is a novel depicting the life of a typical Bulgarian family in a complex period of history in the late 19th century, when traditional moral values and family relations clash with the new social dynamics of capitalist society.

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