Chance to watch Muc from Twigín visit Cabra Library!

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MucMuch to our delight, Muc the pig visited Cabra Library on the 9th June 2015 with the RTÉjr crew to do some filming! If you didn't already know, Muc is one of the characters in the TV programme Twigín.

As we promised back in June, we are now delighted to tell you that Muc's visit featured on Twigín, broadcast on Monday, 30th November 2015, on RTÉjr, where Emma and Muc taught Séamus all about the library.

You can now catch up with the episode on the RTE player.

Below are some screenshots from Muc's visit and the TV show.

Emma and Seamus sing a lovely little song together near the end of the episode clip, so nice in fact we thought we'd share the words with you here:-

I found a place,
a place I love to go.
it's called a library,
Emma tells me so.
It's got books from the ground
right up to the sky,
I can borrow what I like,
and I don't have to buy!

Why not take some time out to visit Cabra Library yourself? As Muc says, it's got lots and lots of books to choose from!


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