Collapse of Tenements 1963

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Tenement collapse In June 1963, the collapse of tenements at Bolton Street and Fenian Street led to the deaths of four people.
On Sunday, 2nd June 1963, the collapse of 20 Bolton Street led to the death of Leo and Mary Maples, an elderly couple who were residents of the building.

This was followed by the collapse of tenements at 2a, 3, and 4 Fenian Street on the 12th June 1963 which resulted in the deaths of Linda Byrne and Marion Vardy, both of whom were young girls who lived locally and happened to be passing the building at the time the collapse took place.
Collapsed tenement 1963

These tragedies led to a Local Inquiry in Dublin City Hall. The Law Department of Dublin City Council transferred their records from the inquiry to Dublin City Archives for preservation and storage.
Tenement collapse A copy of the report into the Local Inquiry is available in the Minutes of the Muncipal Council of the City of Dublin in the Reading Room upstairs in the reading room in Pearse Street Library.
Dublin City Archives are currently digitising photos pertaining to the collapses of tenements at Bolton Street and Fenian Street for publication. Of our two featured photos, the first one is of Bolton Street and the second is of Fenian Street.


Great pictures and history. Thanks

Thanks Ray, this collection will be available to view in the Reading Room, Pearse Street Library in the coming months.

I remember the Fenian Street collapse. We lived down behind Pearse Street library at the time. There had been a fierce thunder and lightening storm a day or two earlier and when we heard a loud rumble my Mother thought it was another storm taking off. Sadly it wasn’t. We stood with others th pay respects to the two little girls opposite the scene at Archer’s garage on the following day. A large crowd gathered later for the funeral at Westland Row Church.

Thanks for your insight Siobhan, it must've been an awful shock for everyone living nearby at the time.

Thank you for sharing that personal history with us here at Dublin City Libraries, Siobhan.

I lived straight opposite the house that fell in Bolton Street at number 42.
I knew the Maples family and also the other family that was injured - Smiths.

My Dad was born in number 21 Bolton street in 1910. My grandad died there in 1922 at the age of 41.

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