Crossing the Liffey in Style: Rosie Hackett Bridge

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Cover Rosie Hackett Bridge Booklet

The Rosie Hackett Bridge - the newest bridge to span the Liffey opens this month. If you are curious to learn more about Rosie and how the bridge came to be named in her honour, Dublin City Council have published a booklet which was launched this morning, 9 May, by Lord Mayor of Dublin Oisín Quinn.

The booklet contains an original essay on Rosie Hackett written by James Curry based on research carried out for his Ph.D. thesis. It also includes short biographies of the four other names shortlisted - Kay Mills, Willie Bermingham, Bram Stoker and Frank Duff, as well as the full list of suggested names. Visit your local library for more information on the names featured on the longlist. 

Note: The booklet had a limited print run and unfortunately there are few hard copies now left, and they too will likely soon run out. Distribution is through the library branch network, so check with your branch re. availability. Rest assured though you can always access the digital version, see link below. (3 June 2014)

Rosie Hackett Bridge booklet (PDF 1.65MB)

Shortlist pictured left-right: Willie Bermingham, Kay Mills, Rosie Hackett, Bram Stoker and Frank Duff

Willie Bermingham, Kay Mills, Rosie Hackett, Bram Stoker and Frank Duff

This is the first time in which the citizens of Dublin have been consulted in an extensive way to name a new piece of infrastructure in the city. The commemorative naming committee voted for a shortlist of five names. The full City Council then made the final decision using a  system known as a Borda Count.  The final results of the were:

  • Rosie Hackett, 192 points
  • Kay Mills, 176 points
  • Willie Bermingham, 167 points
  • Bram Stoker, 92 points
  • Frank Duff, 80 points

"Rosie Hackett is a popular choice: a trade union activist, who was involved in the 1913 Lockout, and later in the 1916 Rising. Yet, like many other women who helped lay the foundations of the state, she lived a quiet life, unappreciated by history until now. Within sight of Liberty Hall, and Eden Quay where Rosie ran the ITGWU newspaper shop, the Rosie Hackett Bridge can now bear witness to the sacrifices made by those who wanted to make Ireland a better place to live."
(Councillor Dermot Lacey, Chairman Commemorative Naming Committee)

The Rosie Hackett Bridge will be officially named by Lord Mayor of Dublin Oisín Quinn on 20 May and will open to buses, pedestrians and cyclists on 21 May.


Could someone send mined 2 copies of the Rosie Hackett booklet please
Thank you
Susa n Byrne
Birch field
Ballalease north
Co Dublin

Hi Susan. Two copies are on their way to you, courtesy of the Reading Room, Dublin City Library & Archive (Pearse Street). They are in the post and you should have them in a couple of days. With so few copies left, you are one of the lucky ones to get your hands on this wonderful publication! Anyone else looking to get a hard copy will need to check with their branch library quickly as stocks are very limited.

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It would be deeply appreciated

Hello Paddy, you are in luck we have a few left. I have popped one in the post for you.
Kind regards, Gillian

hi if there are any copies left I would love one 68 valeview drive , Finglas south , Dublin 11

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