Digital Archivist position.

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Dublin City Library and Archive, which houses Dublin City Archives and the Dublin and Irish Collection, has over 43,000 digital objects currently available online, plus an additional 9,000 objects (approx.) which have been digitised and catalogued offline.

In 2018, Dublin City Library and Archive will initiate an exciting new partnership with the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) to upload existing digital object collections to the Digital Repository of Ireland.

Dublin City Council is now seeking quotations for assistance with this work from professionally qualified, self employed librarians/archivists with digital archiving skills and from companies which provide these services through professionally-qualified librarians/archivists. (The word ‘candidate’ as used in this tender document refers equally to self-employed librarians/archivists and companies). Closing date for applications is 13 April at 5pm.

For more details please see the attached pdf (36kb).

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