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Time for a bathLast week, the Baby Book Club read a story that’s designed to help parents with practical life experiences, namely bath time.  ‘Time for a Bath’ is written by Phyllis Gershator and David Walker.  It contains a very simple story about a mother and a baby bunny and the messy activities they share that lead up to baby bunny’s bath time routine.  It’s a beautifully illustrated book that would also be perfect as a bedtime read!  We sang ‘Three Little Ducks Went Out One Day’.  This is a nice action song to sing with your baby in the bath.

We will return to the publisher Usborne’s series of tactile books next week with ‘That’s Not My Hedgehog’. This series is aimed at very young children.  The books are designed to develop sensory and language awareness.  Each page contains bright pictures and patches with various textures. The books are ideal to read at home, on trips and at bedtime.  We will sing ‘A Hedgehog is Very Prickly’ to the tune of ‘One Finger, One Thumb keep moving’ to complement the story.


Toddler Book Club

Please and thank-youWe returned to reading stories covering social skills with young children in last Tuesday’s session.  ‘Please and Thank You’ is part of the Pirate Pete and Princess Polly series published by Ladybird.  The book comprises a nice simple story, brightly coloured pictures and best of all - a button on each page which produces a cheer sound.  The children loved this interactive feature so much the story was nearly drowned out with it!!  We had a discussion with the adults and children about why manners are so important.  We all agreed that good manners help everyone get along and to play nicely together.  We finished the session by singing a short song about manners.

Highway RatNext Tuesday, we will cover the theme of manners and sharing again by reading another story written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.  Julia Donaldson is a very well-known children’s author has written over 200 books.  ‘The Highway Rat’ is one of her own favourites and is specially aimed at younger readers.  It’s about a very bad-mannered rat who steals food from every animal he meets, even his own horse, until he encounters clever duck.  Join us for this hilarious tale next week and discover the magic of reading with your child!!  

See you all next week.
Maria Sheahan (Librarian & Book Club Facilitator)

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