Dissertatio Medica

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Newenham pamphletDr Edward Worth (1676-1733), a native of Dublin, was a graduate of Merton College Oxford and Fellow of the Royal Society of London. He took his doctoral degree at Utrecht on the subject of Hippocrates, the most celebrated physician of Ancient Greece, who gave his name to the ethical doctrine of the medical profession, known as the Hippocratic Oath. Worth completed his degree, and his medical thesis was published in Latin at Utrecht in 1701. Read more about Dr. Edward Worth.

Right: The bound pamphlets (click to view larger image)

Dissertatico MedicaThe Dissertatio medica inauguralis sive commentarius in magni Hippocratis Lib, I.-Aphor. XXII., was published in Utrecht (Trajecti ad Rhenum) in 1701. It contains 17 commentaries on the medical works of Hippocrates, and the printed volume includes three Latin poems addressed to Worth by Oxford scholars. In his introduction Worth refers to his great-grandfather, an eminent doctor, whom he hopes to emulate in his profession.

Left: Dissertatio Medica title page (click to view larger image)

Newenham pamphletThe thesis is bound with other pamphlets and forms part of the Newenham Pamphlet Collection in the Gilbert Library at Dublin City Library & Archive, Pearse Street. The pamphlets are bound together in over 100 volumes that date from 1650 to 1798. In a letter to his friend Rev. Dr. William Reeves (Bishop of Down and Connor), John Gilbert tells us that ‘The collection was begun by old Dr. Worth in the seventeenth century, and continued by his collateral descendants, the Newenhams.’

Right: Sir Edward Newenham (click to view larger image)

The volumes were part of the library of Sir Edward Newenham, M.P. for County Dublin in the late 18th century, the earlier ones inherited from Dr Worth, Edward’s ancestor. They were bound as a set for Edward Newenham, and have the initials E.N. lettered in gilt on the spines. The Newenham family lived at Belcamp Hall in Coolock. The collection was put up for sale in 1884, and Gilbert purchased it for £63 for his own library. The pamphlets can now be consulted in the Reading Room at Dublin City Library & Archive in Pearse Street.

The Dissertation has been translated into English and is here presented in digitised form.
Translation Credit: Henry K.C. Tang, Faculty of Classics, Cambridge.

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