A dog is for life

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Dog Trust Visit

Jillian Saunders and Coco from Dog Trust with children at Pembroke library.There was a hushed air of anticipation in Pembroke Library during one of our 'All In' summer events when Jillian Saunders with her dog Coco from the Dogs Trust visited. The children had never seen a dog in the library before and they gathered round not knowing what to expect and whether this kind of thing was allowed. After a few initial barks, Coco settled in and the children watched closely to see what part he would play in the event.

Jillian subsequently gave a marvellous and realistic presentation on how to care for a pet dog. She talked about the time, money and responsibilities involved. She gave the children ample opportunities to take part in exercises – like scooping a poop, grooming, and scanning the dog for an owner's microchip.

The children were very keen and willing to answer questions and share their stories with Jillian. Coco stole the show of course and he displayed model behaviour for the time he was here. He wore a little yellow scarf with the Dogs Trust logo on it and lay quietly on his mat while Jillian delivered her talk.

Afterwards the children were invited to come up and pat him as long as they abided by the three golden rules: i) ask if you can pat the dog, ii) let the dog sniff you, iii) pet gently downwards.

Some of them got a friendly lick back. As for the parents, some were amazed that there was such a thing as chicken flavoured doggy toothpaste!