Dublin City Electoral Lists (1908-12, 1915) Available Online

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Electoral Rolls, before and after restorationWe're delighted to announce that we've digitised another three years of the Dublin City Electoral Lists and, in addition to the entries for the years 1908, 1909 and 1910, the 139,552 entries for the three years of 1911, 1912 and 1915 are now fully searchable on databases.dublincity.ie - a great resource for family history, local history and social history, now containing 280,717 records.

Access the Dublin City Electoral Lists (1908 to 1912, 1915) on databases.dublincity.ie.

Photo: Hard copy restoration, before and after view. See slideshow below for more images.

The original Dublin City Electoral Lists are looked after by the City Archives team at Dublin City Library and Archive, Pearse Street. The Lists record the names of people resident in Dublin or who owned property there and who were registered to vote in local elections and parliamentary elections. The Lists were maintained by Dublin City Council on an annual basis: each roll was completed, printed and bound by Cahill & Co., Great Charles Street, Dublin; the roll was then issued on 31 December; and was then valid for the following calendar year.

Organisation of original Dublin City Electoral Lists:

Names are entered according to electoral ward, which in turn are entered in alphabetical order, i.e. Arran Quay Ward; Fitzwilliam Ward; Inns Quay Ward, etc. Voters are grouped within each ward according to category, i.e. Parliamentary and Local Government Voters; Freeholders and Leaseholders; Lodgers; and Freemen. Within each category, voters are listed street-by-street with streets being entered in alphabetical order. In order to validate the registration of each voter in each category, additional information is given, which can include type and description of accommodation; occupation; name of landlord; amount of rates or rent paid.

Carrying out the digitisation project:

Each page in the Dublin City Electoral Lists 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912 and 1915 has been scanned and digitized; the data created has been validated against the original roll; the data has then been moved into a purpose-designed and fully-searchable database with links to digital images of the original roll. The database can be searched free-of-charge on our databases.dublincity.ie website.

In our Dublin City Electoral Lists project we plan to digitise all of the Dublin City Council Electoral Lists 1898-1916 - part of the City Council's activities during the Decade of Commemorations.

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