Dublin: A Great Place to Start (Video)

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Dublin Gereat Place to beThe 'Dublin: A Great Place to Start' digital storytelling project celebrates some of the new beginnings that happen every day in Dublin 1 where plans are being developed for the City Library at Parnell Square Cultural Quarter.

Dublin City Public Libraries are delighted to have the opportunity to develop a new and innovative City Library at this historic Georgian Square. The new City Library and the existing spectacular Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane will be connected by a civic plaza, creating a new intercultural district for Dublin. The new City Library will bring 21st century services to children and families, learners and researchers, readers and writers, workers and businesses with a space to learn, create and participate. It will celebrate the stories of Dublin through a new Storyhouse, showcasing Dublin's place as a UNESCO City of Literature, a place for writers and readers.

View the introductory video below:

Browse all the  ‘Dublin: A Great Place to Start’ video stories.

This storytelling project was conceived to contribute to the plans for a new City Library. 'Dublin: A Great Place to Start' brings together stories of new starts in the city, celebrating the diversity and excitement of Dublin.

Participants from Ireland, Brazil, Somalia, Italy, Moldova and South Africa, working with our storytelling team, have created a unique collection of 11 short films.

The stories capture a fascinating range of first-time experiences in the City – stories of new life, new neighbours and new opportunities. Stories move from Nelson's Pillar, to Moore Street, the Ha'penny Bridge in the rain, the dancehalls of Parnell Square, to Summerhill and North Great George's Street, with tales from the past and the present.

Gheorghe tells of bringing water colours to Ireland from his native Moldova and capturing the beauty of the city in paint, even on a rainy day! Kay tells of her mother’s experiences moving to Dublin in the 1940s, bringing to life for us a city of dancehalls and theatre. Abdi Shakuur reminds us of the importance of sport in creating community spirit and lasting friendships and Jane gives us an insight into inner city life on North Great George’s Street.

Visit Parnell Square Cultural Quarter to browse ‘Dublin: A Great Place to Start’ stories, to see the vision for the City Library and the Cultural Quarter and to read updates on the project as it progresses.

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