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This week the Dublin Writer's Festival is taking place from June 4th - 10th.

There's a taste of everything from philosophy and fiction to poetry, music, film,discussions and workshops. Writers from home and abroad take part in the events. There are some interesting readings and creative writing workshops for children also. It is well worth having a look!  


Top 'O the mournin to you' My late father came from Ireland. He shared so many of his stories with me and developed in me a love of writing.(not to mention singing and dancing. My greatest love was poetry and I always seemed to express what I wanted to in verse. I began trying to trace my genealogy when I was very young and have visited Ireland, England and Canada meeting relatives and learning more aout ancestors. However along the way my interest also moved into science and I joined the team of Science in Africa - first on-line Science Magazine. The above in the last page (as I am busy researching for more to carry on my Mans Memories & Migrations story) and one can work back through the months from 2005 - 2001 (I did a page on genealogy (which I consider a very important science too.) in Nov. 2002
I have traced my late Mother's history back to the son of Edward 111 on both her maternal and her paternal side. I am now interested to find out if mt late Father also follows that line. His Father and his Grandfather were both Dublin men - but thats as far as I have got. I am writing a book on them all - it's turning into something the size of the Doomsday Book.
Thank you for your site and something really Irish to hold on to. The Gallic Girls will be here on 28th Sept 2012 my birthday. I am sure they are going to go down trememdously well with South Africans in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Jennifer Leigh Marais nee Whyte
Johannesburg South Africa

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your interesting comments. Dublin City Library and Archives on Pearse Street may have genealogy information of interest to you if you are not already aware of them.Best of luck with the book!

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