Easter fun at Ballymun Library

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Easter egg huntA very special visitor came to Ballymun Library before the Baby and Toddler Book Club sessions on Tuesday 4th April – the last ones before the Easter Holidays.  Maria Sheahan (Book Club Facilitator) invited the Easter Bunny to check out what a marvellous facility the Library is and to leave some treats for the children.  He certainly didn’t disappoint us!

Photo right: Treats left by the Easter Bunny

Easter bunny's calling card:

Easter bunny

We had action-packed Easter-themed sessions for both book clubs complete with goodies.  The Baby Book Club read ‘Easter Counting’ by Barbara Barbieri McGrath and Peggy Tagel.  This is another brightly illustrated book which teaches little ones about the concept of counting in a simple and fun way.  An absolutely perfect read for babies for Easter!

Easter booksThe Toddler Book Club enjoyed reading ‘The Great Easter Egg Scramble’ by Timothy Knapman and David Walker.  This is an amusing little tale about the Easter Bunny’s desperate attempts to deliver eggs to his friends.  He forgets to deliver them in the first place and gets hopelessly muddled up in the process, poor thing!! The children in both groups learned this easy little Easter Rhyme which goes nicely with Easter activities.  Why not try it with your child at home??

Easter Bunny Chant
Funny little bunny
Sat on a stump
Flicked his floppy little ears
And then he gave a jump! (Lift your baby/child up)

The Easter Bunny also designed a special Library Easter Egg Hunt for the toddlers.  Each adult received a rhyming clue and had to search through the Junior Library with their child to find eggs.  Not only was this a fun activity for the children - the parents also got to know the layout of the Junior section a bit better!!

Siun Takabatake Gallagher (centre) proudly showing off her Easter Bunny gift with her Mum, Fumie Gallagher, and Maria Sheahan

Siun Takabatake Gallagher (centre) proudly showing off her Easter Bunny gift with her Mum, Fumie Gallagher (left), and Maria Sheahan (right)

We’ll be back on the 25th April with more great stories, songs and fun!!  See you then.

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