Echoland: One City, One Book 2017

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Two pints‘There are no German spies in Ireland’.

Echoland by Joe Joyce presents a thrilling portrait of Dublin during the Emergency as a young Irish army officer tracks a suspected German spy through the city. The intrigue is played out on the streets and squares of Dublin, from the genteel environs of Merrion Square and Leinster House to the demi-monde of dancehalls and pubs. These images (from the photographic collections of the Dublin City Library & Archive) date from the 1940s to the 1980s and illustrate some of the key scenes in Echoland. We hope they provide a sense of the landscape against which the action takes place.

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Echoland by Joe Joyce is the chosen book for Dublin: One City, One Book 2017.

Further Resources

Dublin City Public Libraries has a wide range of sources on the literary history of Dublin, some of which are available online and some through the Dublin City Public Libraries network.
The Reading Room, Dublin City Library and Archive, Pearse Street and its Digital Repository hold a wealth of material on the history of Dublin, including books, photographs, pamphlets, journals, street directories, and almanacs.

The following eResources can be accessed free of charge in your library. Ask library staff for information and assistance.

Irish Times Digital Archive: This online archive service gives access to contemporary editions of the Irish Times from the mid-nineteenth century until the present.

Irish Newspaper Archive: This online archive service gives access to contemporary editions of the Irish Independent and a range of other newspapers.

The Ireland-JSTOR Collection: This online archive of academic articles can also be accessed free of charge at your local library.

For further reading, consult the Library Catalogue.

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