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This is me, eating!Ballymun Library Baby Book Club had a great turnout to last week’s sessions with over 40 in attendance!  The Baby and Toddler book clubs provide a valuable opportunity to promote the benefits of family reading in a social and relaxed setting.  Last Tuesday’s book choice highlighted the fun (and mess!) babies create with food.  ‘This is me, EATING!’ by Neal Layton is part of a series of books published by Walker Books entitled First Experience.  This series teaches babies and small children about concepts such as eating and dressing up.  There are googly eyes on the cover of this particular book and a lift-the-flap surprise on the last page.  This book is perfect reading material for parents/minders in teaching babies and toddlers about learning to eat solid foods in a fun manner.   We sang ‘Jelly On a Plate’ to accompany the book.

Spot goes to the ParkNext week, we’ll read ‘Spot Goes to the Park’ by Eric Hill.  This is a lovely, simple story about a dog called Spot.  Spot and his friends go to the park and do all kinds of activities there.  This book also has a lift-the-flap feature on each page which babies are sure to love.  Eric Hill has written a number of books for babies about the character Spot.  If you like this series, then check out the list of books read by the Baby Book Club for more titles.


Toddler Book Club
Cá bhfuil Riley?We celebrated Seachtain na Gaeilge at last week’s Toddler Book Club session.  Our book choice, ‘Cá bhfuil Riley?’ by Ciara Ní Dhuinn showcases the availability of books for little ones in different languages.  Studies show that the sooner you expose your child to other languages, the better as it develops their cognitive capacity.  Small children are particularly clever at mimicking sounds and learn languages quicker at this age.  There are a lot of books available for children to borrow in other languages such as Polish and Irish from Ballymun Library.  We did a very simple rhyme in Irish called ‘Roly, Poly’ to accompany the story.

My Mum is Fantastic & Nappy Duck and Potty PiggyGiven that Sunday the 27th of March is Mother’s Day, we celebrated Mums and the fantastic job they do by reading ‘My Mum is Fantastic’ by Nick Butterworth.  This book has very simple text and brightly coloured pictures and is a great read for Mums and children to enjoy.

We will return to the theme of potty training in next Tuesday’s session by reading ‘Nappy Duck and Potty Piggy’ by Bernette Ford and Sam Williams.  As mentioned in previous blog posts, your local library has lots of books available to help children learn new experiences. This is a cute nappy-to-potty story about a duck who wants to copy his grown-up friend, Piggy, by learning how to use the potty.  If you’re looking for more books on toilet training, check out the First Experiences section in Ballymun Junior Library.

See you all next week!

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