Firing imaginations and teaching skills through books

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Hugs and kissesBallymun Library received our largest attendances to date last week as the Baby and Toddler Book Clubs were packed to capacity!  Despite the sizeable gatherings, both sessions listened attentively to the book choices and joined in enthusiastically with the songs. It’s fantastic to see a love of books and reading develop amongst the groups.  It’s also becoming clear what a brilliant social opportunity the clubs are for adults and children alike.  Many of the toddlers, in particular, are good buddies and play with each other following the book readings.

At the Baby Book Club we returned to the idea of books promoting loving relationships between adults and children.  We read a beautiful book written by Judi Abbot entitled ‘Hugs and Kisses’.  This is a very cute story which is written in very simple language about different animals sharing hugs and kisses with each other.  We also sang ‘You Are Special’ to the tune of ‘Good Night Ladies’ to accompany the book.

What the ladybird heard nextNext week, we’ll read ‘What the Ladybird Heard Next’ by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks.  This story is a follow-up to their bestselling book ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ which was read by the Club previously.  This is another excellent rhyming story that is guaranteed to teach your child his/her animal noises in no time.  We’ll sing ‘The Farmer In The Dell’ to complement the book.

Toddler Book Club

Big Blue TrainAt our previous session, we covered ‘Big Blue Train’ by Julia Jarman and illustrated by Adrian Reynolds.  Julia Jarman is an award-winning British author who has written lots of children’s books that are available for loan at Dublin City Public Libraries.  Adrian Reynolds is a hugely talented artist and illustrator who has illustrated lots of picture books.

‘Big Blue Train’ is a great story for developing your little one’s imagination.  The story is a follow-on to Julia Jarman’s bestselling tale ‘Big Red Bath’.  It’s all about a little boy (Ben) and girl (Bella) who imagine they’re riding a train.  They pick up lots of animals along the way and have an amazing adventure!  The tale is written using rhyme, rhythm and repetition all of which are recognised as supporting children's developing knowledge of written language.  It’s a fantastic book which, once read aloud together, children will enjoy browsing through for themselves.

Now!Learning how to wait and be patient can be a difficult skill for little ones to master.  I’m sure many of you reading this may have family holidays planned and you’re wondering how to keep small children occupied whilst waiting in busy airports.  Fear not, our featured story next week is just the thing to prepare your kids for any experience requiring waiting.  It’s entitled ‘Now!’ and is written by Tracey Corderoy and illustrated by Tim Warnes.  The story features a cute little rhino named Archie who finds waiting so hard especially when he’s excited about his upcoming holiday!  Join us for this entertaining tale which will be followed by a very simple game you can play with your child whenever they’re bored. Maria will also provide other tips on how to keep toddlers (and you!) pleasantly occupied during any waiting experience.

See you all next week.

Please note that Book Clubs are cancelled on Tuesday 6th of June due to staff shortages.  We’ll be back on the 13th of June at the normal times.

Maria Sheahan (Librarian & Book Club Facilitator)

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