Forfas Collections

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Forfás, in association with Dublin City Public Libraries provide a collection of Forfás reports here in the Business Library, for your perusal. Forfás is the national policy advisory body for enterprise and science in Ireland and since its establishment in 1994, Forfás has championed independent and rigorous research, advice and support in areas of enterprise and science policy.

So what can Forfás offer me?

There are over 370 articles detailing

The Economy

• The Employment and Unemployment Profiles

• Management

• Information Technology Issues

• Skills Needs in Wholesale and Retail Sector

• Innovation

  • Energy

and many more current affairs topics to explore here. So visit the Business Information Centre, Central Library, Ilac Centre, Dublin 1, (01) 873 3996 where I can help you with your inquiry.

“Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch.”  Get reading!

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