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Boys and Girls by Joseph ConnollyMiserable weather got you down? This time of year requires the occasional pick-me-up, and a funny or quirky fiction title could give you just that. Who needs a comedy show to make you laugh when you have a humourous piece of fiction at your fingertips? Find some examples of such titles below.

In Boys and Girls by Joseph Connolly, you can find a unique tale of romance and friendship, all while having a few laughs as well. The story tells the tale of a woman named Susan, who, oddly enough, wants two husbands. She doesn't want an affair mind you, she just wants two husbands. The ensuing relationship between Susan, Alan, and the new husband, Blackie, create a whole new question of married life and the humourous, mundane, challenging and tender moments that take place in the every day. Susan and Alan's 15-year-old daughter Amanda is also thrown into the mix. The story is written in view of the character's inner monologues rather than regular prose, which adds to the overall quirkiness and uniqueness of the story. The surprising bond and friendship that arises between the two husbands also gives this book a different edge than most, as the camaraderie between two males is not one often much discussed in literature.

Alex Christofi's GlassAlex Christofi's novel Glass tells the story of Gunter Glass, a lovable but naive character who has a unique aspiration: to become a window cleaner. An ex-milkman, Gunter has always had a fixation with glass and a proclivity for climbing the highest of heights. He proves this skill when he has a small incident regarding the Salisbury Cathedral, and catches the eye of renowned window cleaner named John Blades. John enlists Gunter's help with a sky-high task: to clean the newly constructed Shard in London Bridge, Europe's tallest skyscraper. Hilarity ensues as Gunter finds himself in the modern bustling city of London, attempting to juggle this new job, a budding romance, his partner's occasional outburst, and more.

Holy Cow

Read a novel that brings a whole new meaning to "animal farm." Wit is abundant in Holy Cow by David Duchovny. Elsie Bovary is the main character... and also a cow. She is pretty satisfied with her farm life until one day she comes across the family owners of the farm watching a magic box, that speaks about something called an "industrial meat farm." This discovery really shakes Elsie up, and she no longer feels safe in her current environment. And so, she sets off with Shalom (a pig) and Tom the turkey so that they can try and find better lives for themselves elsewhere. The characters may be animals, but quite possibly possess more humour, intelligence and creativity than their human counterparts. Their tales make this book one for all lovers of adventure, a good laugh, or livestock. 

Single, Carefree, MellowKatherine Heiny's debut novel Single, Carefree, Mellow allows her readers to find the irony and hilariousness of love in eleven stories of various women in romantic dilemmas. Maya is in love with two men, her boyfriend and her boss. Her story particularly shows the fragility of love and the heart through her ordeal. Sadie is having an affair with a married man. Gwen has a crush on her male roommate, who doesn't feel quite the same way. Josie's ex, a guy she found on Facebook, has started dating a woman that he met on Twitter. A teenager falls for her history teacher, but then finds that maybe she just might have outgrown him in the end. These individual stories detail all different forms of love, young and old, tragic and humorous, returned and unrequited. Throughout the stories of these women and the other ones in the collection, there are stories of love, secrets and betrayals, with poignant and funny moments weaving them together. It's a crazy game, love is, and Heiny isn't afraid to go on about this fact.

Who is Tom Ditto?The 12th of June isn't an ordinary day for Tom Ditto in Danny Wallace's Who is Tom Ditto?. In fact, it's actually quite out of the ordinary as this is the day that Tom's girlfriend, Hayley, disappear. She leaves him a note, but all it says is that she's gone, but she hasn't left him. Distraught and angry, Tom tries contacting everyone in Hayley's life for some sort of clue of what his girlfriend is up to, but to no avail. He starts a journey to find her, and figure out where she's run off to. With every piece of the puzzle that he discovers however, he questions more and more if he really knows who Hayley is. After awhile, Tom even starts to question who Tom is as well. Questions of identity are raised as Tom embarks on his investigation of what happened to Hayley. Lovers of mystery novels will appreciate this kind of hide-and-seek book. It's a dark work, but is brightened by Wallace's adept use of humour. 

These books can all be found in the on the library catalogue website. There you can find a whole list of stories that put a unique and creative spin on humour in fiction. 

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