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Game of ThronesSo I have to ask, was anyone else as glued to the Game of Thrones series as I was?  Oh man, it turned me from being fond of the series to completely caught up by it.  Eagerly awaiting the next episode to see what happened next.  I also managed to get my husband completely hooked on it and eagerly awaiting the next episode.

George R R Martin is an engaging man, I knit my way through a talk he did at Octocon where he was the guest of honour and I was very glad that the socks I was knitting weren't that complicated! 

We just got some new copies of the first book, Game of Thrones in, and if you're trying not to spoiler yourself for the rest of the series there's a Graphic Novel that involves some peripheral characters called The Hedge Knight and in the books Legends and Legends II where this story starts.

Westeros is a fan site with a lot of information and discussion and George R R Martin has his own website and blog

So now I'm looking forward to playing catch-up with the series, reading the books one by one. 

The books are in order:

A Game of Thrones

A Clash of Kings (which was split up in some editions)

A Storm of Swords (again split up in some editions; Part 1 is Steel & Snow; part 2 is Blood and Cold)

A Feast for Crows

A Dance with Dragons (which is just new in)

We do have some more copies on order of the earlier books as the series has given a boost to readership of the books!

If you're still looking to delay reading the next book in the series but want similar writers Who Else Writes like...? recommends R Scott Bakker; Juliet E McKenna; Maggie Furey; Stan Nicholls; James Barclay; Greg Keyes; Patrick Rothfuss; C J Cherryh; Scott Lynch and Harry Turtledove. (author links bring you to an example of the author's work in our catalogue)

Other recommendations I have seen include:

Tad William's The Dragonbone Chair

Guy Gavriel Kay's Summer Tree

Kate Elliott's Spirit Gate

Lois McMaster Bujold's Curse of Chalion

Raymond E Feist & Janny Wurts' Daughter of the Empire

Terry Brooks Shannara Series

Glenda Larke's Last Stormlord

Is there a Fantasy Series you'd like to see on the big screen? Or another fantasy series you recommend for fans of George R R Martin?

Yes I am ignoring the Tolkien shaped elephant in the room, I hope to talk about him a little more some other time.

And always remember, if you're looking for a book and we don't have it, ask, you never know what we might be able to do for you!  All the books linked to in this post were available at the time of the post.



I did read the first two or three books in the series many years ago, but wasn't as much of a fan as other people I know.  When I saw the series I decided to read the book along with it and actually really enjoyed the two together!

I have to admit to hitting a brick wall with R Scott Bakker - I tried his books and found myself failing to finish.  Juliet McKenna I liked, she's even better in person!  Maggie Furey I really liked and I really have to play a bit of catchup with her latest book.

C J Cherryh writes both Fantasy and SF and like Lois McMaster Bujold her voice is somewhat different in Fantasy to SF.  If you do or didn't like their Fantasy or SF you should try the other!

Guy Gavriel Kay is an author whose latest works are more historical than fantastical, with a tinge of fantasy or magic and with rich, deep worlds.

I would also recommend Robin Hobb, aka Megan Lindholm, with the caveat that I didn't really like the Soldier Son trilogy.

Martin is a very talented writer,well able to turn his hand to other genres. Some of his Science Fiction short stories-'Sandkings' is one I particularly remember-are among the finest written in the genre and his vampire novel 'Fevre Dream' is as good as anything the more dedicated vampire writers have produced.

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