Grimm on Film - new versions from Germany

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Snow WhiteDuring Culture Night 2012 the Goethe-Institut Irland gave Dubliners the opportunity to see new film versions of Grimms' Fairy Tales - shot on location in Germany in old castles, monasteries and forts and starring well known German film and television actors. Now, both Rathmines Library and Cabra Library can offer the same opportunity to their patrons with screenings of three of the most well-known titles during the mid-term break, between Tuesday 30th October and Friday 2nd November.

The films follow the original stories as collected by the Brothers Grimm and retain many elements that have been lost in up-dated or shortened versions - for example, the Wicked Queen in Schneewitchen (or Snow White as it is known in English) tries to kill Snow White three times, first with a belt that tightens around her waist, next with a poisoned comb for her hair, before hitting on the (almost) successful plan of tempting her with a poisoned apple. The real castle setting in Dornroschen (Sleeping Beauty) lends an authenticity to the tale - which turns it into a charming love story. In Rapunzel, there is plenty of background on how the young girl with the fabulously long hair came to be shut up in the tower - though the film doesn't quite go into how she notices her dress getting tighter after the secret visits from the Prince, as told in the original story. Perhaps he was bringing her chocolates?

CinderellaThe full list of screenings is available on our website.

All films will be shown in German with English subtitles and are almost one hour long. These films are being screened as part of the 200 year anniversary of the first publication of Grimms' Fairy Tales and are presented in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut Irland.

These particular films are not currently available to borrow from Dublin City Public Libraries, however several other film versions of Grimms' stories are available on our catalogue. Here are some examples; Snow White and the Huntsman, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Disney), Sleeping Beauty (Disney), Thumbelina (20th Century Fox), A Cinderella Story and Ella Enchanted.

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