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Hoonuit LogoThe online resource we are looking at this week is Hoonuit  is a web-based repository of online, on demand, technology tutorials. It offers unlimited library member access to video-based software training on hundreds of common software applications and devices, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Docs, and iPad.

Each online training course is made up of short one- to three-minute video segments, helping users get the most out of their training. This learn-at-your-own-pace solution offers the flexibility to skip lessons users are already familiar with and review lessons that prove more difficult. All training is online and on-demand, available anywhere with Internet access, and there is no need to download software. Something for Everyone: Hoonuit  features comprehensive, current software and device training for a diverse library member base. The service now boasts over 500 products and new videos are added as new products are released. Intuitive User Experience: For the novice or the experienced library member, all the major brands, versions, and specific functions are easily searched and found in one-to-three-minute training videos. Easy Library Launch/Integration: Hoonuit can be tied into current materials (each user has his or her own personalised service), and libraries can use the Custom Course Wizard to create and upload local training. Solution for Immediate Needs: Hoonuit keeps training current and relevant. Easy training sections are paced for quick comprehension and mastery of functional skills.

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If you have registered for RBdigital magazines or Comics you can use your RBdigital account details to instantly access Hoonuit.
If it’s your first visit, create a new account (inputting your Dublin City library membership card number) and complete registration for the 'Hoonuit on the spot training' option. You should use the same email address as for other RBdigital products.


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