Ireland's Olympians

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Eamon CoghlanAs Irish athletes prepare for 'the Games of the XXX Olympiad' this summer, we celebrate those Irish men and women who dared to go faster, aim higher, and be stronger in representing Ireland at the Olympic Games. These rare images from the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection depict our athletes as they departed our shores in expectation and, for an exalted few, their return in triumph

This exhibition celebrates all who wore the green in the Olympic stadiums of the world.

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Further Resources

In addition to these photographs, Dublin City Public Libraries also include further sources on sport in Dublin, some of which are available online and some through the Dublin City Public Libraries network.

The Reading Room, Dublin City Library and Archive, Pearse Street, holds a wealth of material on sporting life in Dublin and Ireland, including magazines, books, and sports programmes.

  • Libraries and Archives Digital Repository: Digital records relating to Dublin, including photographs, postcards, letters, maps and ephemeral material. Highlights of the collection include the Fáilte Ireland Photographic Collection, Wide Street Commission Map Collection (1757-1851), the Irish Theatre Archive and the Birth of the Republic Collection, which comprises material from the period of the foundation of the Irish state.
  • is a resource from Dublin City Public Libraries focusing primarily on databases derived from printed and other historic records related to Dublin city and surrounding administrative areas. It includes further samples from the various historic collections available in the Dublin City Library and Archive.
  • The following online resources can be accessed free of charge at your local library (access links via our Netvibes Portal). Ask library staff for further information and assistance.
  • Irish Times Digital Archive: This online archive service gives access to contemporary reports of sporting events from the mid-nineteenth century up to the present.
  • Irish Newspaper Archives: This online archive service gives access to contemporary articles on sporting events published in The Irish Independent and a range of other newspapers.
  • The Ireland Collection-JSTOR: This online archive of academic articles can also be accessed free of charge at your local library. It includes a number of articles on the history of sport in Ireland.

For further reading, consult the Library Catalogue.

View Ireland's Olympians Gallery

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