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Join your library

If you haven't been into your local library in a while now is a good time to check it out, and if you have never been a member then we think you're going to be pleasantly surprised at the range of services and resources that are available. Join up for free today!

As you might expect the library is the place to go to check out books, newspapers and DVDs but you might not realise that we also offer a range of online resources. Highlights include:

  • Audiobooks and ebooks:Through our BorrowBox service readers have access to a huge range of audiobooks and eBooks. Check them out online or through our app and download the to your own device!
  • Online comics: You can download an unlimited amount of comics or graphic novels from a range of publishers through our Comics Plus service.
  • Online magazines: You can read a virtual newsagents worth of online magazines when you use our digital magazines service. It's got everything from Archaeology to Yoga. (We have no magazines who's titles start with 'Z' unfortunately!).

No matter how much we do online there are some things that are just better to experience in real life. For us these include:

On top of all that the library can serve as a handy bridge point between your online life and your real world needs. When you need to print concert tickets, CVs or anything else you can print from phone apps, by emailing us, upload to the web or just call in and use our machines!

Your local library: It’s a place you can pop in to for five minutes, spend hours in or just visit electronically.

For a further look at what's available check out our library app - available from both the Google Play store and the iTunes App store.


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