Katy Perry- A 'Roar' ing Success?

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This Post was submitted by our Guest Blogger, Amy Connolly.

Teenage DreamsWith the release of Katy Perry’s new album Prism this week I can’t help but look forward to her return to Ireland.  I have been listening to her two previous studio albums in anticipation of the new release.  The Video and Music Awards (VMAs) offered a small taster of how good her Prism tour could be with Perry’s performance of her new single "Roar". She certainly appears to be roaring back to her chart topping success following a very public divorce from English comedian Russell Brand in 2012. 

Right: 'Teenage Dream'.

Perry enjoys filling her stage with quirky paraphernalia and scenes, whether massive lollipops or fairyland paths, or in the case of her recent VMA performance, a boxing ring.  The music is fun and upbeat, and enhanced by her wonderland stage settings. Perry has suggested that the content of her new album will be more serious in nature than her earlier work; while I am definitely curious about this, I also think it will be interesting to see if Katycats like the artist’s change in direction.

Perry is a top-notch performer and definitely worth the ticket price to experience her live show.  It’s almost two years since I saw her play the 02 for her California Dreams Tour and I’m excited to see what her new album has to offer. If you attend a Katy Perry performance you are treated to not only catchy original music but also an all round fun and enjoyable night.   The 'Teenage Dream' album has given Perry no less than five consecutive number one singles and puts her name firmly in the music record books for having the most number of top ten singles by an artist from one album. 

From the audience turnout it is clear that Perry's unique pop style appeals to all ages and both sexes; her popularity is without doubt considering her concert selling out for two consecutive nights at the o2, not once but twice in 2011.  She never fails to engage the audience and between the fantastic, show-stopping song performances she turns her attention to her fans to talk informally and joke.  With costumes as bright and colourful as her tunes Katy Perry is more than aware of what her fans want and how to deliver it. 

Check Out

Teenage dream [sound recording].

Katy Perry, California gurl, by Jo Berry [published 2011].

One of the boys [vocal score] at the Music Library.

To be honest I wasn’t a big fan of hers before going to her concert. I far from disliked her songs but would not have called myself a devoted fan.  So that I wouldn't be completely at sea, the night of her o2 concert I listened to her albums and watched her on YouTube. After seeing her in the o2 though, I would definitely now be in the category of devoted fan.  Seeing her playing live I hope is not a once off experience for me and I look forward to listening to Prism now it’s released. Irish Katycats, it appears, are near the top of the list of her favourite fans, as she released Prism in Ireland some days ahead of the 22nd October general release date.  I know what I’ll be getting for my birthday!

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