A 'Killer' Show: Live in Dublin

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Day and Age by the KillersThis Post was submitted by our Guest Blogger, Amy Connolly.

A 'Killer' Show: Live at the o2 Arena and Phoenix Park Dublin

The Killers released their new album 'Direct Hits', a best of collection recently. Their previous album 'Battle Born' hit the shelves in late 2012 and gave me the opportunity to see them play live not once but twice during 2013! It was very interesting seeing them perform in two very different venues. They are equally amazing to listen to in the enclosed environs of the o2 arena and the outdoor setting of the Phoenix Park in July. Both venues providing great sound quality and listening experiences for fans. My boyfriend and myself attended their sell-out show in the o2 in February, the tickets were a gift for my boyfriend’s birthday, and he had a fantastic night, particularly listening to his all time favourite song 'Mr. Brightside'. The rock band’s show was energetic and called for lots of dancing throughout the night.

The KillersDuring the performance at the o2 arena I was particularly impressed with the overall attitude The Killers had to their fans, particularly when a fight broke out between two men in the centre of the standing area. Rather than continuing to play as the men fought, lead singer Brandon Flowers stopped singing and called for his band mates to stop playing. Speaking directly to those causing the disturbance Flowers appealed to them to make peace and return to enjoying the show, and to stop ruining the atmosphere for others attending the show. It was a remarkable show of respect and care from the band for their fans and one that when witnessed can’t easily be forgotten. When the interruption was over the band returned to playing their music and continued to entertain their Irish fans with the same enthusiasm and high spirits as they had started with earlier on that dank February night.

Going to their second gig in Dublin for 2013 in the Phoenix Park was an equally rocking experience. We were lucky with the fine dry weather that Saturday summer’s evening. The walk from the LUAS stop at Heuston to the site in the Park was unforgettably long. By the time we entered the concert and cleared security checks, we were happy to sit on the dry grass in the sunshine. Unlike the o2 arena, being an unseated venue, there was plenty of room to comfortably stand away from the main stage and still fully enjoy the performance.

The Killers didn’t fail to provide a great night’s entertainment. The only criticism my boyfriend had of his favourite band was the omission of 'Flesh and Bone' from the night’s set. They played songs from their recent album Battle Born and hits from their previous albums such as the smash hit 'Hot Fuss', and unlike their concert in the o2 earlier in the year they threw in a few covers of popular songs, including an unusual and catchy rendition of Tiffany's 'I Think We’re Alone Now', indeed a cover itself.
My favourite song of both nights’ was 'Someone Told Me'. The song, as fans already know, is catchy, the lyrics fun, and listening to it live was fantastic. I don’t think its possible to really appreciate The Killers music without experiencing their rocking tunes live, however if you are not already a fan you should checkout the Dublin City Public Libraries online catalogue or drop into your local branch to reserve one of their albums. You can’t help but dance and sing along to the infectious riffs of their songs, their music is truly impossible to resist.

I look forward with great anticipation to seeing them play live again in the future, but in the meantime I’ll plunder the library catalogue. I urge you to do so too.

Sawdust by The KillersAlbums

Hot Fuss (album, 2004)

Sam's Town (album, 2006)

Sawdust (compilation album, 2007)

Day and Age (album, 2008)

Battle Born (album, 2012) not in stock

Direct Hits (compilation album, 2013)

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