Knitted Knockers at Donaghmede Library

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Knitted KnockersDonaghmede Library are delighted to host “Knitted Knockers”.  Knitted Knockers Ireland was founded in 2015 by Ann Cooke and Linda Burgess.  Ann was inspired to whip out her knitting needles after bumping into Linda, who was recovering from breast cancer.  Linda found her prostheses uncomfortable, so Ann decided to have a go at crocheting a pair of prostheses and offer them to Linda.  After knitting the knockers for Linda, Ann and Linda set up an Irish branch of Knitted Knockers, the American organisation.  Knitted Knockers are breast prosthesis for women who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy and are made by volunteers who can knit or crochet. They are a soft, lightweight alternative to the standard gel filled prosthesis and can fit into a regular bra where they take on the shape of a real breast.

Busy morning at Donaghmede Library

Knitted Knockers are soft, lightweight breast prosthesis that are comfortable to wear. They are knitted or crocheted by volunteers and given free of charge to women who request them. They are adjustable so can be customised to fit by simply adding or subtracting some filling and then pulling on the drawstring to close up the back. The string can then be used to sew it closed or simply tucked into the back. They were invented by a woman from Maine in the USA after she had a mastectomy, since then the patterns have been amended by different groups around the world. They are provided free of charge in many locations.

Busy morning at Donaghmede Library

Knitted Knockers are always looking for volunteers to knit or crochet  in their spare time.  If you are involved in a knitting group that might be interested please contact Ann at  087 1673220 or email   It’s a great way to use your talent to do something very special for another woman.  As Knitted Knockers is not a registered charity, they rely on the generosity of  volunteers to buy their own wool and to pay the cost of posting them.  It’s best that you don’t fill the finished knitted knockers before posting, not only will this save you on postage costs but it is easier to store unfilled knitted knockers until they are requested.

For further information check out the Knitted Knockers facebook page…

Knitted Knockers Patterns

To find the most up to date patterns please join our knitting and crochet group at

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Ann Cooke

If you are interested in knitting why not come along to one our our knitting groups or check out one of our many books on knitting.

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