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These days knitting is news.  There have been several theories bandied about about why this is.  Some of the theories espoused in the US were connected with a need for security that was felt in the US after September 11th.  There are other theories that suggest that people want better fitting and more personalised clothing, whatever the reason, knitting and other crafts are taking an upswing.

In Ireland, and indeed Dublin, there are meetings almost daily, and these are the publicly known ones. Knitting groups meet on a weekly or monthly basis in Dublin City Libraries. Irish Knitting also has a log of all the groups it could find both in Dublin and throughout Ireland The Dublin Knit Collective regularly interviews Dublin Knitters and Crocheters  If you haven't joined yet, Ravelry is both a wonderful resource and a time-sink, it's free to join and there are a number of Irish groups on it and some Irish Shop linked groups as well

There are many Irish knitters, Crocheters and crafters who blog about crafts (and some who blog about other things).  The Irish Knitting blog was founded in order to address an issue of visibility of Irish Knitters and Crocheters and expanded somewhat since it started.  They try to do a weekly update with what's happening in the Irish Crafty World.

Dublin City Public libraries has a number of books on knitting, from older to new.

Some recommended books; this is in no way exhaustive and not in any particular order:

Tweed by Nancy J Thomas - has a number of patterns named after Irish Places

More Big Girl Knits by Jillian Moreno and Amy R Singer is quite a good resource for changing patterns to suit no matter what your size.  It is aimed at larger sizing but a lot of the advice is very valuable

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Almanac is an interesting book, Elizabeth Zimmermann is opinionated and certain that there is a way to do things but is also credited with making many people think outside the pattern and forge their own path in Knitting.  This is a new edition of her book to celebrate what would have been her 100th Birthday.

If your knitting skills are a little rusty Eleanor Van Zandt's Knitter's Handbook is a wonderful little book with clear illustrations and a lot of information.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee writes an entertaining blog (The Yarn Harlot) and has also written a few books, here's one Free-Range Knitter, when I read it there were moments when I laughed until I nearly cried!

Last Minute Knitted Gifts puts the projects into projected length of time to complete the project and has some quite nice gift pieces.

We got in a few Baby Knitting Books recently and this one caught my eye, Itty Bitty Nursery by Susan B Anderson, the projects look nice.

That's just a small selection of some of what's available. I could go on but I won't

There are both old and new books in the Libraries about knitting, sometimes hidden under old-fashioned styling and colours that look garish to modern tastes there are some great garments.  Do you have a favourite?

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