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Knowing DublinOn Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017 in the Mansion House, Dawson Street, an tArdmhéara Míchéal Mac Donncha, launched a new Guide ‘Knowing Dublin – Know Your City Council’; an introduction to the work of Dublin City Council and the role of our elected representatives in the life of the city. Download a copy of Knowing Dublin - available in English and Irish.

Knowing Dublin – Know Your City Council is a simple introduction to the work of Dublin City Council and the role of the elected representatives in the life of the city. It is a nuts and bolts piece, told in plain language, designed to inform those with little or no knowledge of the many services that the Council provides. As such, it is relevant for young adults, new citizens, immigrants, and anyone who wants to know more about how Dublin City functions.  It is also a useful tool for teachers as a basis for class lessons.

Listen back to Sheela Keane discussing 'Knowing Dublin - Know Your City Council' on NearFM's Northside Today programme:

Many thanks to NearFM for permission to reproduce this recording.

“Local democracy is strengthened by the active participation of citizens working towards a shared future. The active engagement of citizens can lead to an improvement in the quality of services delivered and the quality of democratic debate and dialogue surrounding decisions about the future of the city. Tá an daonlathas aitiúl mar bunú d’ár daonlathas náisiúnta” said Ardmhéara Míchéal Mac Donncha.

The guide describes in detail the work of the local government elected representatives. There is a strong emphasis on voting: how to vote and why it is so important that citizens use their vote.

“One of the main aims of Dublin City Public Library Service is to inform, educate, and enhance the lives of the people it serves. This guide is designed to give citizens an understanding of the way local government functions; by doing so, it facilitates greater participation in the democratic process and strengthens our shared  citizenship” commented Margaret Hayes, Dublin City Librarian.

Download Knowing Dublin in English (PDF, 3.2MB) Cannot access PDF?

Download Knowing Dublin in Irish (PDF, 3.15MB) Cannot access PDF?


The Guide forms part of Dublin City Council’s calendar of events supporting Social Inclusion.

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